Getting Started

If you choose to work with the team at All About U Adoptions, a brief summary of the adoption process is below.  If you have questions, feel free to reach out to Coleen.  She looks forward to visiting with you.

Step 1 – Contact Us

  • We will take as much time as you like to start getting to know you and for you to get to know us.
  • We will talk through our process and the uniqueness and benefits of our agency.
  • If you are ready for the next steps, we will give you access to our Welcome Packet and get you setup on our on-line portal.

Step 2 – Application

  • This step allows us to begin your homestudy process.  At times, the paperwork may seem overwhelming.  That is why we are here to guide you through every step. 

Step 3 – Homestudy

  • This step explores your motivation to adopt as well as helps us prepare you to be adoptive parents.
  • The homestudy is paid for as part of the application process.
  • Once this step is completed with us, we are open to allowing you to use the homestudy information for other adoption opportunities.  We will not lock you in to working exclusively with our agency.  We will help you celebrate a placement no matter where it is!  Our goal is to help you become parents however it is meant to happen.  

Step 4 – Training

  • PERSONALIZED training designed specifically to meet the needs of your family.  With the guidance of our staff, you choose your track of training.
  • Our training is very unique in that it is done in the comfort of your home and at your own pace.  You can decide how slowly or how quickly you want to work through it.
  • You gain valuable information to use for your adoptive parenting journey.
  • Allows you to meet required obligations for adoption.
  • All About U Adoptions training PREPARES YOU FOR ADOPTIVE PARENTING

Step 5 – Creating a Profile

  • Your profile is used to present your family to potential birth parents.  Creating photo books allows the birth parent(s) to get a feel for you, get to know a little more about you and how their child might fit in your family.  
  • Our staff will assist you with creating the profile by reading through text and helping you chose the best photos to put together a profile that reflects who you are as a family.

Step 6  - Waiting

  • This step requires patience, open-mindedness and faith.  
  • Once a birth mom has made an adoption plan, you will be presented with a summary of her current situation.  If you choose to be considered by this birth mom, your profile will be presented to her.  
  • We understand the emotions you may be experiencing at this time, and we are here for you. This step may be the most difficult.   

Step 7 – Match

  • This is the moment you’ve been waiting for; a birth mom has selected you!
  • A portion of the placement fees will be due at this point.  The remainder will be due shortly before your child’s due date.
  • Match meetings may be held if desired.  This gives you a chance to meet your birthparent(s) ahead of time.  This is a step that can start a beautiful relationship.  

Step 8 – Placement

  • Congratulation new parents!  The day has come to take your child home and begin your lives together.

Step 9 – Post-Placement

  • The team at All About U Adoptions will conduct post-placement supervision as required by state laws.  
  • Post placement fees are paid prior to first visit.
  • These reports will be submitted to necessary agencies and to the court for finalization.

Step 10 – Finalization

  • We will prepare your necessary documentation for the courts to finalize your adoption.
  • We will celebrate with you!

We are here for you.  Contact Coleen.