Why Choose Us

The team at All About U Adoptions is passionate about helping families grow through adoption.  Our beliefs are reflected in the way in which we operate our agency.  Should you have any concerns about operations, please contact AAU staff regarding the agency grievance policy. 


As education majors, our co-founders believe strongly in preparing your family for the WHOLE adoption experience.  Preparing you for the adoption process is just the beginning of our training.  We know that the real work begins when the child is placed in your home, even after you hear the reassuring sound of the judge’s gavel announcing your adoption is final and for YEARS to come.  For this reason, our training not only focuses on the adoption process but gives you tools to use and refer back to as you raise your child.


Of course, if you are choosing adoption, we would like that process to take place through our agency. However, should you start the process with us but then find a birth mom on your own or through a different agency, we will REJOICE with you.  We WILL NOT be upset with you for finding your child in a different way.  To back this commitment, until a birth mom selects your family, you will only be required to pay us for the services requested.  For example, if we do your home study, you will pay us for the home study.  However, these findings can be used by us or by other agencies.


All About U Adoptions believes in collaborating and working together with community resouces and services. We believe in providing holistic, comprehenisive support to empower everyone involved in the adoption process. Educating others about the beauty of adoption is important to our mission. We will present to any group to help them learn more about adoption. Our agency is also a proud member of the Nebraska Adoption Agency Association, a networking organization. 

On-going Support.

Bringing a baby into your home, whether they are biological or adopted is a challenge.  Bringing an adopted child into your home can provide unique type of challenges that not everyone may understand.  As adoptive families ourselves, we’ve been there.  We felt alone and scared to admit to anyone the challenges we were facing.  Our adoptive families know if they find themselves in that situation, we are only a phone call, email, or text away.  Sometimes all you may need is reassurance and THAT IS OK. Other times we may point you in a direction towards other useful resources.  Whatever the issue is, if we don’t have answers for you, we’ll walk beside you to help find solutions.  

We are here for you.  Contact Coleen.