Cory and Jenny

Wanting to Expand Our Family  

Cory and I were married in February of 2010. We tried to get pregnant for a little over three years, which involved non-invasive fertility treatments. We had talked during those three years if we did not conceive that we did not want to do hormone therapy or in vitro fertilization, but felt that adoption was the right choice for us. One day while I was getting a massage, the therapist, who also was having infertility issues, told me about All About U Adoptions agency. She gave me their web site information and I contacted them within the next couple of weeks.

New Years Surprise

Six months after we contacted AAU, we got a call at 11 in the morning on New Year’s Eve that a baby boy was born the day before and his birth mother choose adoption for him. Cory was at home recovering from back surgery and I was at work.  We called each other back and forth all afternoon wondering if the other had any new information. At 530pm, AAU called us and asked me if I was sitting down, I replied “yes” and she said to pack our bags (which I had to do because Cory was on a 10lbs weight restriction, he could hold the baby, but that was it, lucky guy☺) and head to the hospital.  The birth mom chose us and we would be picking up our son at the hospital the following morning. The joy that we felt; there are not enough words to express what was in our hearts not even in the Webster dictionary, we were now parents. 


The Family is Now Complete  

Reece is, hands down, the missing piece of our hearts. He truly brings us so much happiness in our lives. There are days almost 2 years later, we still just watch him sleep and look at each other and say “are we not the luckiest couple in the world? Yep we are.” We can never thank Reece’s birth mother enough for her bravery and courage for not only choosing adoption, but choosing us to be Reece’s parents. We cannot thank AAU enough as well for holding our hands and walking us through all our fears and worries during the adoption process. They are such a blessing to us because, without them, we would not be complete.