Jennie, SWA

5 years ago, my husband and I started the adoption process. We talked with every agency around the area but never got the warm and fuzzys; then one Sunday night in August, around 9:00pm my mom called and said you have got to call All About U Adoptions (AAU). So right then and there I called and they answered the phone.  Coleen sat on the phone with me for 90 minutes answering all my questions.  There was no doubt AAU was the agency for my husband and me.  

A few months later, on a cold snowy January day our son was born.   We began the most beautiful relationship with his birth mother, which continues today! Eager to start the process again, we began showing our profile. 17 months after our first adoption, we welcomed our daughter to the family.

It was during our second adoption while I was on a plane, on our way to meet my daughter’s birth mother, I told Coleen that in my next career life I wanted to do what she was doing for birth mothers.  Little did I know, Barb and Coleen had already been talking about asking me to join the team!  Six month later, I began working with AAU.  

Over the past few years, I have developed a strong passion for adoption and for the birth mothers.  Thanks to AAU my family has strong relationships with both of my children's birth mother and birth families.  Every year we take our family vacations to Kentucky and Arkansas to spend quality time with our children's birth mother, birth siblings and birth grandparents.