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AAU Adoptions is a nonprofit adoption agency licensed in South Dakota, Nebraska, and North Dakota. One of the most stressful aspects of an unplanned pregnancy OR wanting to creating a family through adoption is:

  • Finding someone that understands.
  • Landing on a decision you can live with.

We pride ourselves on being available for you – to answer questions, provide information, advocate, guide, and  support. Our adoption agency provides full-services for expectant parents and hopeful adoptive families. 

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AAU Adoptions

All About U Adoptions, is an adoption agency dedicated to helping connect birth parents with adoptive families. We provide adoption services and have finalized hundreds of successful adoptions across South Dakota, Nebraska, North Dakota, and beyond!

One of the main things that sets us apart is our focus on open adoption. We believe that open communication and ongoing contact between birth parents and adoptive families can have numerous benefits for all involved parties, particularly the child. With AAU, professionals work closely with both birth parents and adoptive families to ensure that they are comfortable with the level of openness in the adoption.

AAU provides a wide range of services for birth parents, including counseling, assistance with medical expenses, legal support, and help with creating an adoption plan. We strive to empower birth parents by giving them as much information and support as possible, so they can make informed decisions about their child’s future.

For adoptive families, we offer comprehensive services as well. We conduct thorough home studies and provide pre- and post-adoption support. AAU also offers education and training for adoptive parents, preparing them for the unique challenges and joys of adoption. Our adoption professionals works closely with families to match them with a birth parent who shares their preferences and desires for the adoption process.

In addition to our adoption services, we also provide educational resources and support for those facing an unplanned pregnancy, those navigating the adoption process, and professionals like doctors, nurses, and social workers who might find themselves in a position to support birth parents. 

Overall, AAU Adoptions is a reputable and caring adoption agency that prioritizes the best interest of the child while providing comprehensive support to both birth parents and adoptive families. Our commitment to open adoption and ongoing communication helps create strong and positive relationships between birth parents and adoptive families, ultimately benefiting the child’s well-being and sense of identity.


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