Are You Ready?


Questions to Ask Yourself

Are you ready to...

  • Lovingly parent a child?
  • Provide a stable future and home life for a child?
  • Parent a child that will not look like you?
  • Accept that you are not “settling” for an adopted child?
  • Have continued contact with your child’s birth family?
  • Be parents, both emotionally and physically?
  • Acknowledge that you will be able to love a child, even though he or she was not born to you?
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How We Can Help

All About U Adoptions will...

  • Empower you in the decision making process
  • Help you identify support systems as an adoptive parent
  • Provide counseling through the homestudy process.
  • Provide a homestudy that can be used with any agency or attorney.
  • Provide necessary training to complete the application process.
  • Connect you with post-adoption services if necessary.
  • Be with you through your parenting experience forever
  • Rejoice with you and provide life-time guidance

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