Kelsey, Social Worker at All About U Adoptions in Sioux Falls, SD
Kelsey has a passion for adoption and supporting clients through the process.


Social Work, SWA

Kelsey has a bachelor’s degree in Family and Consumer Sciences Education from South Dakota State University. I may not have been a co-founder of All About U Adoptions but I can say I have been a part of the agency since the very beginning. In the 6th grade, my family and consumer science teacher, Coleen, asked me to babysit for her. When Coleen and another adoptive mom decided to start their own agency, they wanted to make sure they still had time with their own families. So, as they traveled the state spreading their vision, I was right there with them taking care of the kids while they worked.

As the agency evolved, so did my role. I have transitioned from volunteer, to intern, to part-time and full-time employee. I primarily support birth families and adoptive families in Nebraska. Additionally, I support the agency by providing presentations and educational opportunities to share our message and teach others about the beauty of adoption. I love the staff and philosophy of All About U Adoptions! We truly have a passion for adoption and care about everyone involved in the process.

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Kelsey, Social Worker at All About U Adoptions in Sioux Falls, SD