Amanda and Josh C

Meet Amanda and Josh

Amanda and Josh C

Hi! We’ve been married for 12 happy years and are looking to share that happiness by growing our family.

We both grew up on farms. While we live in town now, we’re fortunate to have a big yard and garden – it reminds us of home! 

We spend a lot of time with our families – including our nieces and nephews, who would all love another playmate. We like traveling and going on bike rides together. Amanda plays volleyball and leads a book club. Josh plays basketball and golf. But we also enjoy lazy evenings together watching movies with our cats, Zippy and Scooby. Amanda is a financial systems analyst and Josh works in news.

Fun Facts

  • We first met under unusual circumstances – Josh was Amanda’s blind date for prom. What a lucky match!

  • We love baking together and watching cooking shows.

  • We like cooperative board games where we work together.

  • We can both play multiple musical instruments.

  • We’re restoring an old pickup that’s been in Amanda’s family 45 years!


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