Christa and Bryan

Meet Christa and Bryan

Christa and Bryan

Thank you for taking the time to meet to us. We are the “W” family. We are excited to share our life with you. We have been together for 5 years, and married for 3 years. Bryan works for his family business as a service writer/mechanic. Christa is an occupational therapist and works at a local hospital as well as helping with Bryan’s family business. Bryan enjoys playing baseball, softball, and golfing. Christa enjoys kayaking, knitting, gardening, and any yard work. We keep busy with our beautiful 8-year-old twin boys’ various activities like soccer, basketball, swimming, and golf.

We have chosen to pursue adoption after experiencing infertility that would prevent us from expanding our family. We are proud of our beautifully blended family which includes a parent and a step parent.

We look forward to growing our family through adoption. We truly believe that adoption is a selfless and brave decision. We are willing to have an open adoption where the child can grow up surrounded with more people to love them.

We have developed a more in-depth profile that gives you more insight into who we are as a family. We truly believe God has led us on the path to meet you, and we hope you will want to meet us as well.

Fun Facts

  • We LOVE ice cream, and make a point to have frequent family ice cream dates.
  • We go on a family vacation every Memorial Day weekend.
  • Our family spends our summer weekends at the lake.
  • Christa would live in her pajamas and Bryan would live on the golf course.
  • We have fairly exotic pets – Ozzie the chameleon, Echo a leopard gecko, and Leo and axolotl

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