Waiting family Emma and Jon

Meet Emma and Jon

Waiting family Emma and Jon
Emma Jon puppies

Hello! We are Jon and Emma — It’s so nice to meet you! We have been married for almost 8 years already! We live in South Dakota with our three lazy little dogs, Charlie, Ty, and Nemo.

Emma is self-employed as a photographer and Jon is a software developer. We love kayaking, exploring downtown, and catching a matinee at the movie theater (with extra butter on the popcorn). We are fortunate enough to live near both of our families and get together with them often.

We’ve always wanted to become parents. We love the joy and curiosities that kids bring! We officially decided to pursue adoption after learning of a diagnosis that would make starting a family difficult. However, we’ve always hoped that adoption would be part of our family’s story!

We believe that adoption is a choice made out of love, and that’s why open adoption is so important to us. We hope to have an ongoing relationship with you as a part of our family!

Thank you for taking the time to meet us! We hope you choose to get a more in-depth glimpse into our lives by viewing our adoption profile book.

Fun Facts

  • We have over 70 house plants.
  • We celebrate our dogs birthdays like it’s a national holiday.
  • We met at a movie theater and now that’s one of our favorite date nights.
  • We grew up within twenty minutes of each other but didn’t meet until college!
  • We can have full-on conversations using quotes from our favorite show, The Office.

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