Meet Jake & Laura

Families Seeking Adoption in South Dakota, North Dakota and Nebraska

Our family loves calling North Dakota home.We have a six year old son, a Four year old daughter,and Herbie, our golden retriever. You can often find us dancing in the kitchen, playing outside with neighbors, going to local parks, or biking over to Dairy Queen. We Strive to be a source of encouragement to our kids, whether it’s the courage needed to ride a bike without training wheels, a big hug when someone is sad, or confidence to walk into preschool. Most importantly we say “I love you” out loud and often.

Jake works as an investigator for the bureau of ATF and Laura is a stay at home mom. Our church and faith in Christ has a huge impact on our lives. We have relationships with multiple families who have adopted children, are adopted, or who foster children. We are blessed to have supportive friends who also serve a faithful God. We frequently discuss adoption as a family and our kids are excited to gain a younger sibling through adoption.

God placed it on our hearts for adoption to be part of our store since we were dating. (We’ve been married now for 13+ years). We feel strongly that adoption is a tangible way to live out the commands in scripture to look after orphans(James 1:27). We desire an open adoption because it’s important to us that our child knows their birth family. We are excited for the opportunity to meet you and to get to know your family store.

Fast Facts

  • We both served in the military
  • Laura used to fly helicopter
  • Jake is an identical twin
  • We have traveled to 23 states together
  • We’re huge georgia football fans
  • Go Dawgs!
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