C Family

Meet Jenna and Scott

C Family

Thank you for taking the time to read our summary! We are the C family – Scott, Jenna, and our 12-year old daughter “E”. We live in South Dakota and have been married 14 years. We met in college and have been each other’s biggest supporters ever since. Scott works in the IT field and Jenna works in healthcare. We are true homebodies and live a quiet and simple life with E and our two cats.

We love outdoor activities and on a typical weekend or evening you’ll probably find us at the lake— fishing, boating, paddle boarding, or just roaming the beach to see who can find the best rock. We also love to garden and grow food for ourselves and our community. During the peak of growing season, we ofen load up our golf cart with produce and make deliveries to our neighbors, friends, and family. This is E’s favorite part of gardening!

Our families live minutes from us, so we enjoy lots of family dinners and game nights and the cousins are blessed to grow up together. We’ve always dreamed of having a large family and we are so thankful to have connected with AAU to help us fulfill our dreams. We’d love the chance to get to know you! If you’d like to learn more about us, our full profile book is available by request.

Fun Facts

  • We bought our dream home in a small town four years ago and have renovated every room.

  • Our favorite activity as a family is metal detecting and magnet fishing. We love to find treasures!

  • We love restoring and rebuilding things like antique furniture, old tools, or anything with a story.

  • Jenna loves music (especially bluegrass) and has more guitars than she knows what to do with. Scott supports this habit and has even started building guitars out of old cigar boxes. They are so cool!

  • We have a family goal to visit every State Park in South Dakota.


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