Waiting family Maria and Matthew

Meet Maria and Matthew

Waiting family Maria and Matthew
Maria and Matthew

We have been together for 10 years, married for almost 7 years, and we live in South Dakota on our family ranch/farm. We own cattle and horses on 1,000 acres and love our time spent outdoors. If we are not busy with farm life, we enjoy spending time with our family, following our local sports teams, playing darts, golfing with friends, or camping. Matthew owns and operates his family farm with his dad. Maria is a contact owner and carries mail for the USPS, as well as coaches high school volleyball. We have two awesome children W and H and can’t wait to see their bond grow with another sibling.

We are choosing adoption because we have always had a tug on our hearts to adopt. After losing multiple babies, we were blessed with our two children and decided now is our time and that God has been leading us to adoption all along. We are looking forward to adding more love to our family and can’t wait to get to know you throughout this process. We hope to have an open adoption where our child can grow up surrounded by love. We do have a more in-depth profile book available by request if you would like to get to know us a little bit more. Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family. God has led us on this path to meet you and ww surely hope you want to meet us too!

Fun Facts

  • We both have large families and have 16 nieces and nephews for our children to play with!
  • We love to be active playing softball, darts, basketball, golf, and other activities.
  • We go camping with Maria’s family for our anniversary every year. 
  • We both grew up on a farm. 
  • We both love to travel.

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