Families Seeking Adoption in South Dakota, North Dakota and Nebraska

Meet Nathan & Mackenzie (Matched)

Families Seeking Adoption in South Dakota, North Dakota and Nebraska

Hello! We are Nathan and Mackenzie! We fell in love over walks in the park and blizzards from Dairy Queen. We were married in 2013 and live in Nebraska with our two year old son.

Warm weather days are spent outside as much as possible! We love going for walks, visiting local parks, or just playing in our backyard. During the winter we either bundle up to play in the snow or stay in for hot cocoa by the fireplace. We would love to share more about our family life with you (profile book available upon request).

Adoption is something we have a huge respect for as our son joined our family through adoption in 2020. We are so thankful for his birth mother. We keep connected through text, Google Photo albums, and in-person visits when we are able to coordinate while visiting Mackenzie’s Family (who lives close to her).

We are honored to be a part of your journey – whatever it looks like. We want our home to be safe and loving for your child. We believe God’s plan is perfect. We will not be perfect parents, but we will unconditionally love your child. We are praying for peace and strength as you walk this path.EBRASKA


Fun Facts

  • Nathan is an associate pastor working with teenagers and leading worship at our local church going on 9 years.
  • Mackenzie is a former childcare provider turned stay-at home mom with a degree in Family Studies.
  • We love coffee and pastry dates. Most Saturday mornings we walk to the local coffee house.
  • A few of Nathan’s hobbies include all things sports, reading, and playing guitar.
  • A few of Mackenzie’s hobbies include making (and eating) cheesecake and other creative outlets like crocheting and painting.
  • Our son has been rocking his baby doll for big brother practice. Sometimes quite vigorously! And he often asks to hold any baby he sees. 

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