Meet the F Family

Families Seeking Adoption in South Dakota, North Dakota and Nebraska


Josh, Renee and little N

We are the F family – Josh, Renee, and N. Our family grew to include N. five years ago when we adopted him! He is obsessed with being a big brother and we certainly would like to expand our happy family. We live in North Dakota and are teachers. N. will be in Kindergarten this year and enjoys vacation bible study, wrestling, swimming, t-ball, dance, and just running around being a kid. We always knew that adoption would be part of our path, but after we struggled to conceive we made it an earlier part of our life. And we sure are glad. N. is a ball of energy that is sweet and kind. Any birth family that would be willing to help us grow our family would be honored and have our great gratitude.

Fun Facts

  • We love reading books, playing games, watching movies, and being together as a family.
  • We love animals and have three cats.
  • We do family 5ks for charities.
  • We celebrate and decorate massively for holidays!
  • We have a large extended family who are a regular part of our lives.
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