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Choosing adoption does not mean you don’t love your child or want what is best for him/her. Choosing adoption means that you loved your child enough to choose a family for him/her that can provide for them in a way that you may not be able to right now.  

If any of these statements sound like something you’d want, adoption may be the option for you.

  • I want a family for my child that is willing to open their hearts to both of us.
  • I want a family who would be willing to meet me if I choose and
  • I want a family who would allow me to have ongoing contact with them and my child through his/her life.
  • I want to be a part of the big events of my child’s life.
  • I want to see my child as they grow up and know how they are doing.
  • If I have other children, I want my child to grow up knowing his/her siblings.
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