Waiting Families

Let us help you find the adoptive family to adopt your child

We understand that choosing the right family to adopt your child is an incredibly personal and important decision. We have carefully screened each family on this page, ensuring that they possess the qualities, values, and resources necessary to provide a nurturing and loving home.

Our prospective adoptive families come from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles, but they all share a genuine desire to provide a safe and stable environment for your child. Take your time browsing through their profiles, which are filled with heartfelt stories, photos, and details that offer insights into their lives and the love they are ready to share. We believe the perfect match is waiting for you, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

Some of the families listed below may have pending matches. Please contact us to check on current family availability and find the family that is right for your adoption plan.

C family featured

Meet The C Family

KRIS & BECKY C During the week you will find Kris working as a Learning and Development Trainer. He enjoys

N Family photo

Meet the N Family

We are the N family – Greg, Amanda and S. We live on an acreage in South Dakota and have

Barb Beau

Meet Barb & Beau

We were both born and raised in North Dakota. We grew up in small towns close to one another but

Matt and Kaydee featured

Meet Matt & Kaydee

We live in North Dakota and have been married for 7 years. Kaydee works as a Member Experience Coordinator at

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