Social Worker, MSW

Judy has made adoption her second career after  raising three beautiful children. 

After graduating from the University of Arkansas with a degree in business, majoring in Finance and Banking, my early work experience was in sales and customer service. Customer  service became my favorite because of the rewarding feeling of helping others. After several years in the work force, I took on the ultimate customer service role, that of a stay at home mom. In addition to raising children, there were many hours of volunteering for various organizations. Through these experiences, it became evident that “hands on helping “ was my calling.  

When my youngest child was a senior in high school, I began work on my Masters in Social Work at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, graduating when I had a truly “empty nest”. I now have three adult children living in California and Arkansas. My interest has always been in helping parents and children, so working with AAU is a natural fit. My experience in raising daughters and a son has helped in building relations with birth mothers and adoptive parents. Participating in the adoption process is rewarding, and I hope to help make the experience a positive for all involved.