Are You Ready?

Are You Ready to Adopt?

Questions to Ask Yourself

Self-reflection and assessment are important to the adoption process. No matter what has brought you here (infertility, medical concerns, desire to support a child in need, family composition, etc.), our agency will support your adoption journey. But you have many decisions, discussions, and important factors to consider every step of the way. Ready to adopt? Here are a few considerations and questions to think about, reflect upon, ask, and discuss with your support system before taking the next step.

Are you ready to...

  • Lovingly parent a child?
  • Provide a stable future and home life for a child?
  • Parent a child that will not look like you?
  • Accept that you are not “settling” for an adopted child?
  • Have continued contact with your child’s birth family?
  • Be parents, both emotionally and physically?
  • Acknowledge that you will be able to love a child, even though he or she was not born to you?

Ask yourself...

Why do you want to adopt a child? This may seem obvious, and you may already have a solid answer, but your WHY and your MOTIVATION will guide this process. It may be tough and remembering this simple answer will be important.

Where would you be willing to adopt a child from? AAU is a domestic adoption agency. If your hearts are called to international adoption, we encourage you explore Hague accredited agencies.

What age child would you prefer to adopt? Our agency works with women experiencing crisis/unplanned pregnancy. Typically, our placements are children less than one year of age. If your desire is to adopt an older child, please discuss details of your situation with AAU staff. We will provide support, recommendations, and talk about YOUR family and how we may or may not fit into your journey.

Are you open to adopting a child of another race? Which racial heritages will you consider? Our agency works with a wide range of ethnic groups including many Native American clients. Limiting your considerations with race will likely mean your adoption journey will be extended. Do not be afraid to talk about this at length before moving forward.

Are there specific emotional/physical challenges that you are or are not willing/able to handle? 

Risk of potential exposures to various drugs and/or alcohol is likely. What level/type of exposures are you willing to accept?

What level of openness are you willing to consider with birth parents? Closed adoptions are a thing of the past. However, semi-open adoptions vary widely from one end of the spectrum to the other. We will actively support you and birth parents to build a positive relationship and serve as mediators for as long as you need us! Our agency has expectations for openness that will be discussed throughout your home study process.

Are you prepared to love a child that is not biologically yours? Your considerations will drive and limit your adoption journey. Meaning, the more specific your considerations are, the longer the process may take! However, only you know what is right for you, your family, and your future child.

Ready to Adopt?

Your journey will not be without education and support. How you feel today could shift dramatically throughout the process. If you feel like you are ready to adopt, contact AAU Adoptions when you are ready!

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How Our Adoption Agencies Can Help

All About U Adoptions will...

  • Empower you in the decision making process
  • Help you identify support systems as an adoptive parent
  • Provide counseling through the homestudy process.
  • Provide a homestudy that can be used with any agency or attorney.
  • Provide necessary training to complete the application process.
  • Connect you with post-adoption services if necessary.
  • Be with you through your parenting experience forever
  • Rejoice with you and provide life-time guidance

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