Unplanned Pregnancy Support

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Unplanned Pregnancy Support

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Often times, AAU comes into your life unexpectedly. You are faced with an unplanned or crisis pregnancy and you need support now! Fortunately we are trained to help you navigate these challenges and offer support where we can. Our services begin with an unplanned pregnancy but do not have to end there. We want to see every person thrive and find happiness beyond this moment.

Making decisions about an unplanned pregnancy is not easy. However, knowing you have support is an important factor while considering your options. Especially when the support understands, acknowledges, and is compassionate about your situation. You do not have to be alone.

Individuals who are able to openly communicate their feelings may find it easier to accept their decisions and incorporate their experiences into their lives. Seek out friends, support groups, birth parents, or adoption counselors who can provide a safe space for expressing emotions, seeking guidance, and explore options.

Build Your Adoption Support System


All About U Adoption Specialist

An AAU adoption professional will work closely and confidentially with expectant mothers to explore reasons for adoption and alternative options. Talking to our adoption professional isn't a promise to choose adoption. We are here as a resource. Ask your questions without holding back. This is your child and your decision!


Community Resources

AAU will help connect you to resources in your community that provide support for:

  • Homelessness/unstable housing
  • Food insecurity
  • Substance abuse 
  • Medical support
  • Mental Health
  • Prenatal care
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Employment

Friends & Family

One of your first steps may include talking to the baby’s father and to your family about the pregnancy to learn if they are willing to help. Let them in on what you’re thinking. Feeling supported and having a network of understanding friends outside of your family is very important as well. It’s good to have another person you can talk to about what you’re learning and what questions you still have. If you cannot turn to the baby’s father, family or friends, let us connect you with a support professional for a confidential, free consultation any time of the day or night.

Birth Mothers

We can connect you to someone who has made the choice you are considering. Ask her questions about her experience while keeping in mind that everyone’s story is different. She made the best decision for her child at that time in her life. And she may be able to talk you through yours.

Support Groups

Talking to others who are making or have made an unplanned pregnancy decision or chose adoption may be helpful. You can learn how they considered their options, who helped them, and how they are dealing with their decision. Once you have made your plan, they will be able to support you in a way that your family and friends might not be able to. 

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