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How Donations Are Used

Adoptive Parent Grants If unforeseen critical circumstances arise that would impact the possibility of the adoption being completed, All About U Adoptions will review the circumstances and may grant funds on a case by case basis.

  • Adoptive family unexpectedly has to pay for hospital bills
  • Adoptive family has unplanned travel expenses to get to their new baby
  • New baby is in intensive care unexpectedly and the adoptive family has additional travel/time away from work

The Legacy Hall of Honor

Barb Remperfer

By Steve & Marci Albrecht

Diane Harm

By Diane Harm Memorial fund, Jeff & Kristen Harm, Dan & Liz Frerichs

Gary Wieman

By Bernell & Carol Nelson

Gene Swaney

By Steve & Marci Albrecht, Rick & Melody Underberg, Steve & Marlajean Waters, Coleen Globke, Chris & Amy Albrecht

Joanne Kaufman

By Coleen Globke

Judy Kirkman

By Leanne Biesheuvel

Lowell & Mildred Engel

By Steve & Marlajean Waters, Steve & Marci Albrecht, Rick & Melody Underberg

Vernell Ewert

By Leanna Biesheuvel

Dave Janssen

By Coleen Globke

Eugene Nagel

By Coleen Globke, Steve & Marci Albrecht, Gerri Eide

Gene Engel

By Marlajean Waters

Gladys Jensen Reynolds

By Steve & Marci Albrecht, Marlajean Waters

Joyce Janssen

By Leon & Janelle Varney

Les Mehlhaff

By Steve & Marci Albrecht

Rob Globke

By Mathew & Jennifer Trenhaile, Rick & Melody Underberg, Ronald & Sharilynn Wuertz, and The Entire AAU staff

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Up to $99

Thank You to Our Friends

  • Arise Church-SF
  • Arlene Tieszen
  • Barclay Smith
  • Dana Neugebauer
  • Debra Debates
  • Emmanuel Presbyterian Women of NE
  • Gary & Cheryl Timm
  • Gloria Rust
  • Jeff & Kristen Harm
  • Jerry & Germaine Stratton
  • Judy Rops
  • Karen Bender
  • Network for Good
  • Orville & Dawn De Neui
  • Paul & Kristal Moneke
  • Paul & Patricia Penn
  • Peter Preheim
  • Roger & Lois Regehr
  • Sheldon & Kristen Schroeder
  • St. Mark’s Lutheran Church
  • Steve & Sandra Wiersma
  • Volga Christian School
  • SF St. Mark’s Lutheran

Up to $499

Thank You to Our Partners

  • Adam Pillard & Johanna Peterson
  • Amanda & Greg Neppl
  • Antoinette Vanderpol
  • Daktronics – On behalf of the C. Cooper Family Daniel & Jean Clarke
  • Dr. Richard & Karie Tieszen
  • Emmanuel Presbyterian Women of NE
  • George Allen First Church of Monroe
  • James & Sarah Miller
  • Justin & Cynthia Anderson
  • Kevin Albrecht
  • Martha Gesick
  • Michael & Lorraine Polak
  • Nick & Marla Waters
  • Richard & Louise Wieman
  • Rick & Melody Underberg
  • Shon & Gerri Eide
  • TSW Agribusiness

Up to $999

Thank You to Our Supporters

  • Carol Wieman
  • Dr. Steven DAntonio
  • Elizabeth Wallace & Christopher Scislowicz
  • Emmanuel Presbyterian Church
  • Tom & Jenna Graber

Up to $4,999

Thank You to Our Providers

  • Emmanuel Presbyterian Women -Marion SD
  • Curt & Rene Schafer
  • Marg Leusink
  • SF Right for Life
  • Stella Nagel

Up to $10,000+

Thank You to Our Patrons

  • Tim & Natalie Foley
  • Shaw Family Foundation

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