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Empowering U Through Adoption

How Donations Are Used

Adoptive Parent Grants

If unforeseen critical circumstances arise that would impact the possibility of the adoption being completed, All About U Adoptions will review the circumstances and may grant funds on a case by case basis.

Examples of these situations may include:

  • Adoptive family unexpectedly has to pay for hospital bills.
  • Adoptive family has unplanned travel expenses to get to their new baby.
  • New baby is in intensive care unexpectedly and the adoptive family has additional travel/time away from work.

The Legacy Hall of Honor

The AAU’s Legacy Hall of Honor is a special recognition which allows donors to participate in honoring the legacy of their loved ones by donating money in their names.

When donors contribute funds to the Legacy Hall of Honor, their monetary donations are allocated to an investment fund. The primary objective of this fund is to ensure a continuous and sustainable source of financial support for the AAU’s endeavors well into the future. By investing these funds, we strive to generate returns and grow the principal amount, allowing us to support the AAU’s programs, people, and initiatives. This means that those honored within the Legacy Hall of Honor will have a lasting impact on the AAU’s ability to accomplish its mission for years to come.

Together, we honor the past, shape the present, and ignite the future. We are united. And together, we invest in U.

Barb Remperfer

By Steve & Marci Albrecht

Dave Janssen

By Coleen Globke

Les Mehlhaff

By Steve & Marci Albrecht

Lowell & Mildred Engel

By Steve & Marlajean Waters, Steve & Marci Albrecht, Rick & Melody Underberg

Gladys Jensen Reynolds

By Steve & Marci Albrecht, Marlajean Waters

Rob Globke

By Mathew & Jennifer Trenhaile, Rick & Melody Underberg, Ronald & Sharilynn Wuertz, and The Entire AAU staff

Gary Wieman

By Bernell & Carol Nelson

Diane Harm

By Diane Harm Memorial fund, Jeff & Kristen Harm, Dan & Liz Frerichs

Gene Engel

By Marlajean Waters

Judy Kirkman

By Leanne Biesheuvel

Gene Swaney

By Steve & Marci Albrecht, Rick & Melody Underberg, Steve & Marlajean Waters, Coleen Globke, Chris & Amy Albrecht

Joanne Kaufman

By Coleen Globke

Joyce Janssen

By Leon & Janelle Varney

Vernell Ewert

By Leanna Biesheuvel

Eugene Nagel

By Coleen Globke, Steve & Marci Albrecht, Gerri Eide

Donation Levels


Up to $10,000+

Thank You to Our Patrons
  • Tim & Natalie Foley
  • Shaw Family Foundation

Up to $4,999

Thank You to Our Providers
  • Emmanuel Presbyterian Women -Marion SD
  • Curt & Rene Schafer
  • Marg Leusink
  • SF Right for Life
  • Stella Nagel

Up to $999

Thank You to Our Supporters
  • Carol Wieman
  • Dr. Steven DAntonio
  • Elizabeth Wallace & Christopher Scislowicz
  • Emmanuel Presbyterian Church
  • Tom & Jenna Graber

Up to $499

Thank You to Our Partners
  • Adam Pillard & Johanna Peterson
  • Amanda & Greg Neppl
  • Antoinette Vanderpol
  • Daktronics – On behalf of the C. Cooper Family Daniel & Jean Clarke
  • Dr. Richard & Karie Tieszen
  • Emmanuel Presbyterian Women of NE
  • George Allen First Church of Monroe
  • James & Sarah Miller
  • Justin & Cynthia Anderson
  • Kevin Albrecht
  • Martha Gesick
  • Michael & Lorraine Polak
  • Nick & Marla Waters
  • Richard & Louise Wieman
  • Rick & Melody Underberg
  • Shon & Gerri Eide
  • TSW Agribusiness

Up to $99

Thank You to Our Friends
  • Arise Church-SF
  • Arlene Tieszen
  • Barclay Smith
  • Dana Neugebauer
  • Debra Debates
  • Emmanuel Presbyterian Women of NE
  • Gary & Cheryl Timm
  • Gloria Rust
  • Jeff & Kristen Harm
  • Jerry & Germaine Stratton
  • Judy Rops
  • Karen Bender
  • Network for Good
  • Orville & Dawn De Neui
  • Paul & Kristal Moneke
  • Paul & Patricia Penn
  • Peter Preheim
  • Roger & Lois Regehr
  • Sheldon & Kristen Schroeder
  • St. Mark’s Lutheran Church
  • Steve & Sandra Wiersma
  • Volga Christian School
  • SF St. Mark’s Lutheran

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