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Choosing adoption for your newborn or infant

Can I Place My Baby for Adoption After Birth?

Yes, it is possible to choose adoption for your baby even after giving birth. The timing of your decision does not matter; you can reach out to an adoption agency whenever you are ready. If your baby is already born, AAU Adoptions can support you in finding a suitable family for your child. You will also have the freedom to decide the level of contact you wish to have with both your child and the adoptive family. 

It is not uncommon for women to overlook the option to place her baby for adoption or delay making an adoption decision until after giving birth. Some may bring their baby home before realizing that they are unable to meet their child’s needs. Rest assured, it is entirely acceptable to choose adoption at any point in time.

We understand that placing your child for adoption is a challenging choice, but it is crucial to recognize that you are not alone. Countless resources are available to assist you in making this decision, and there are many loving families who would be thrilled to welcome your child into their homes.

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How does adoption work if my baby is already born?

Step 1: Begin by contacting an AAU Adoptions professional at 877-236-9864. We will guide you through filling out your social and medical history forms and help you determine your preferences for an adoptive family.

Step 2: After reviewing your preferences, our team will provide you with profiles of families that match your criteria. 

Step 3: Once you have chosen a family, they will be promptly notified and will make their way to you when you are ready. Depending on their proximity, you may meet them within a few hours. In some cases, they may even communicate with you over the phone during their journey. If your child is older, you may have multiple meetings with the adoptive family to assist both you and your child in this transition.

Step 4: When you meet the adoptive family, you can discuss and clarify your preferences for open adoption contact and establish your post-adoption relationship.

Step 5: With the support AAU, you will complete the necessary adoption paperwork, and the adoptive family will assume custody of your baby.

Choosing adoption after the baby is born comes at no cost for the birth parents. 

Will I be treated differently for wanting to give up my baby for adoption after birth?

Regardless of when you decide to place your newborn or infant for adoption, we ensure that you receive the same level of support as a mother who chooses adoption earlier in her pregnancy. Our priority is to provide you with utmost comfort, and our team of professionals is available 24/7. We will assist you in understanding and processing your emotions regarding adoption, as well as guide you in making a confident decision for your child’s future.

Whether you are considering placing your baby for adoption at birth or post-birth, it is important to know that there is no timeline in which you have to make this decision. It is never too late to start the adoption process, regardless of whether you have been caring for your child or have recently given birth and are unsure about who to reach out for adoption.

All About U Adoptions

AAU Adoptions is a licensed, nonprofit adoption agency in South Dakota, North Dakota, and Nebraska. We have the experience and resources to help you create an adoption plan for your newborn baby or infant. If you feel in your heart that parenting is not an option, adoption is always an option. 

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