Programs Offered

Adoption Programs for Families

Domestic Infant & Toddler Program

This program involves the adoption process of newborn infants or toddlers born in the United States who are voluntarily placed for adoption by their birth parents.

  • Birth parents choose the adoptive family and come to an agreement on how open the adoption will be.

Home Study/Post Placement Supervision

Those seeking homestudy or post placement services only use this program.


Designated Birth Parent Program

If you have located a birth parent and need assistance completing the adoption and counseling processes, we’d be happy to help.

Waiting Child Program

Adopting children who have been involuntarily removed from their parents. The parental rights have been revoked so these children are available to adopt from the foster system.

  • We work with Adopt Us Kids ( as well as case workers that trust the training All About U Adoptions provides to our families.
  • Children in this program have not lived a charmed life. We provide additional and more intensive training to prospective adoptive parents in this program to prepare for the unique challenges.
  • Children in this program are special. In order to help them deal with whatever challenges they face and help them heal, you will need to have an open mind and be willing to try alternative parenting techniques.

Embryo Option

Couples who have completed their in-vitro fertilization journey will sometimes choose to place any remaining embryos for adoption.

We can help with….

  • Required homestudy
  • Training specific for embryo adoption
  • Post-birth visit

You will work with your fertility specialist, National Embryo Donation Center or Nightlight Christian Adoptions (Snowflakes Embryo Adoption and Donation) to arrange all medical care and be matched with an embryo.


Community Education

Our mission is to provide education about adoption being a positive option.


Below are just some of the groups we have provided education & training with in the past. WE WILL TALK TO ANYONE!

  • Medical staff
  • Teachers/school systems
  • School organizations
  • Clergy

Please note: AAU does not provide placement services for international adoption or waiting children programs.

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