Birth Plan

Creating a Birth Plan During Your Adoption Process

Birth Plan

As a birth mother, one of your adoption plan’s main purposes is to give you control over your adoption journey. But these decisions are not the only ones you need to think about. There is also the birth plan, which allows you to make choices regarding your hospital stay and delivery. And just like when creating your adoption plan, you do not need to worry about making these decisions alone. We at All About U Adoptions are here to help. Our adoption specialists can assist you in finding community support services, help you think through decisions, and more. In short, we will be in your corner during and after your adoption process. 

What is a Birth Plan and How Does it Differ from an Adoption Plan?

The birth plan is a guide to your preferences during and after your baby’s delivery. Additionally, it may serve as a way to help you prepare for the birth. Making your birth plan gives you the chance to think through your options and make informed decisions. However, these decisions may require some flexibility, and it may be wise  to plan for more than one outcome. A hospital may not offer certain services, for example, or something may go wrong during the delivery. Consider speaking with your doctor to determine if there are any revisions or additions your plan might benefit from.

While your birth plan can be made at the same time as the adoption plan, it is not the same thing. They do, however, share several of the same purposes. Both give you the chance to make the choices that are right for you and your child, not anyone else. Additionally, they allow our adoption agency to advocate for you over the course of your adoption process. If, for some reason, you cannot communicate your desires during labor and delivery, your adoption specialist will be there for you. And knowing exactly what you want makes making sure you get it much easier. 

What to Consider During and After Your Baby Being Born 

There is no right answer regarding the level of detail your birth plan should contain. You can make as many or as few decisions as you feel appropriate. But the more decisions you make now, the less you may have to think about later. Here are some of the things you may want to consider when making your birth plan:

  • Who you want to have with you during the delivery
  • Where you want to give birth. If you prefer a hospital, which hospital you would like to go to.
  • Whether you want to stay active during labor
  • Any preferences you have for positioning during labor and delivery
  • If you would like music playing, aromatherapy, comfort objects from home, a certain level of brightness in the room, etc.
  • Whether you want medicated pain relief, such as an epidural
  • Plans for complications, such as the need for an unplanned C-section or medical intervention
  • Whether you want to hold your baby or breastfeed immediately after the baby is born
  • Who you want to have cut the umbilical cord
  • Plans for post-delivery support

Benefits of Creating a Birth Plan During Your South Dakota, Nebraska, or North Dakota Adoption Process

Just like an adoption plan, your birth plan is not technically a required aspect of your adoption process. Decisions can be made for you, if need be. But control over your child’s adoption is one of the benefits of working with a licensed, private, local adoption agency. And the chance to make the decisions that are best for you is no small thing. 

Making a birth plan allows you to take as much control as you can of your time in the hospital. It gives you the chance to think through your options and determine what you really want. It also allows you to make these plans ahead of time instead of in the moment. You may find it difficult to communicate your needs verbally, and a birth plan reduces the chances of that outcome. The more plans you make, the less your doctors may need to ask you. Additionally, it allows your care team—from doctors to doulas to adoption specialists—to best care and advocate for you.

Your birth plan also gives you the chance to prepare yourself both mentally and emotionally. While it is unlikely to ease all of your stress and emotional unrest, it may provide some assistance. You can worry less about your needs not being met or the environment not being what you are looking for. And the more time you take to prepare, the more mentally and emotionally ready you may be for the outcome.

Challenges of Creating a Birth Plan

Not every birth mother will find it easy to make a birth plan. While it may help some to relax, it may do the opposite for others. Some of these challenges may include:

  • Worrying too much about possible outcomes and overplanning as a result. This may be a quick and easy road to overstressing yourself. Give yourself a chance to breathe. If you really think your birth plan is missing something vital, consider talking to your doctor or adoption specialist.
  • Similarly, you may feel unsure about what you want. While planning ahead of time works for some people, others may feel they best make decisions in the moment. Consider making a draft of your birth plan and allowing yourself to change it as necessary. And remember—your birth plan does not need to be extensive. You can always list whatever you are sure of and decide on the rest later.
  • Not wanting to make a birth plan at all. Perhaps you are experiencing an unwanted, unplanned pregnancy and resent having to make these decisions. Or maybe you just do not want to have to think about the birth. But consider asking yourself whether you are willing to give up the chance for control a birth plan gives you. It may be uncomfortable, but it is also for your benefit.

Navigating Your Plan With Your Adoption Agency

Making a birth plan gives you the chance to take control of your hospital stay. Just like making an adoption plan gives you the chance to take control of placing your baby for adoption. You can take the time to inform yourself, consider what you want, and communicate your needs and desires. Additionally, you ensure that your doctor and adoption specialist can advocate for what you want if need be. 

Making a birth plan is not without its potential challenges. And if you are truly unable to make decisions, you will not be forced to. However, the chance to make these decisions and communicate your needs is no small thing. And no matter what, you will not go through your adoption process in South Dakota, Nebraska, or North Dakota alone. At All About U Adoptions, our adoption specialists are always available to assist or even just to talk. We are here for you in whatever way you need us to be. All you have to do is ask.

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