Why Licensed Agency is Best

Difference Between Adoption Professionals for Adoptive Families

Why Licensed Agency is Best

Adoption is a complex process, and it is common for prospective adoptive families to seek assistance from adoption professionals. However, it is important to note that there are various types of adoption professionals, with the key distinction being whether they are licensed or not. Engaging with unlicensed professionals can often lead to scams and fraud, as they take advantage of your desire to adopt. To ensure a safe and legitimate adoption experience, it is advisable for families looking to adopt to opt for licensed professionals.

Licensed adoption professionals, such as adoption agencies, are entities that are mandated to adhere to both state and federal regulations. These regulations ensure that agencies operate according to established standards and guidelines. By subjecting themselves to regulatory oversight and scrutiny, adoption agencies provide the primary avenue for carrying out legitimate adoptions. In this article, we aim to delineate the differences between licensed and unlicensed agencies while emphasizing the importance of choosing licensed agencies as the safest option.

All About U Adoptions is a licensed adoption agency that dutifully follows the regulations set for us. We have over 15 years of experience in completing adoptions by the book and ethically for everyone involved. You can trust us to handle your adoption and be with you every step of the way.

The Risks of Unlicensed Adoption Facilitators

Working with unlicensed adoption professionals, commonly referred to as facilitators or consultants, can pose significant risks. These individuals lack the accountability that comes with licensing, as they have no authority overseeing their actions. This absence of regulations and scrutiny means that they can engage in questionable practices without fear of losing their license. Even when facilitators have no ill intentions, they are not the ideal choice for adoption assistance. Their main role typically revolves around matching adoptive families with birth mothers without providing the resources and support that licensed agencies offer. 

Additionally, facilitators often impose high fees and lack the necessary means to address any issues that may arise during the adoption process, leaving families to face these challenges alone. To safeguard the interests of both adoptive families and birth mothers, many states have prohibited the use of facilitators.

The Safer Choice of a Licensed Adoption Agency

In contrast to an unlicensed facilitator, licensed adoption agencies are a much safer way of securing an adoption. An agency like ours receives a license from the states we operate in and must follow each state’s regulations. Any agency committing some kind of malicious or fraudulent action would quickly lose its license, which would prevent any future harm. With a governing body overlooking agencies like ours, it makes sure our goal is to always offer the best service. Agencies aren’t just one individual either; they’re teams of people who each contribute to the process. From directors to social workers, each person has their own role in completing a successful adoption. It means there is always a person to help you with any kind of problem that may arise.

Working with a Licensed Adoption Agency

Unlike unlicensed professionals, All About U Adoptions has many resources to help you throughout the entire adoption journey. Once we receive your application, we will perform our state-regulated home study to determine your adoption qualifications. We examine your home and other qualifications, such as your finances and a broader background check. When we’ve approved that you’re ready to adopt, we begin sharing your profile with birth mothers. During this time, we also offer our personalized training program. It prepares you for the next steps of adoption and parenting an adopted child. You can complete it at your own pace and in your own home.

Even after we find a match and place a child with you, support resources are still available. We do perform the post-placement supervision required by state regulations to ensure everything is well. You can also receive help from any legal resources or counseling you need, and we’ll connect you with them. We’re here for every step of the process and dedicate ourselves to helping you.

Making The Safe Choice With All About U Adoptions

The choice of who to work with on an adoption is an essential one. Unlicensed facilitators are too risky of a gamble to recommend, and your state may already be banning them. This means the safest choice is always to work with a licensed adoption agency. They’re bound by strict ethical and legal regulations put in place to protect you. While the adoption process will often have many challenges, agencies have the resources to overcome them. But most of all, a license should be a symbol of trust. For an agency like ours, a license should show that our sole goal is your well-being. The only reason we operate is to create happy lives for adoptive families, birth mothers, and adoptees. We hope you make the safe choice and that you trust us to do the job.

If you’re currently facing an unplanned pregnancy or are looking to adopt, contact us right away. We’ll put together an adoption plan for North Dakota, South Dakota, or Nebraska that suits your needs and provide adoption training. Our license means you can trust us and the regulations we follow. We’re only here to help you, and we hope you’ll give us the opportunity.

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