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Finding Our Perfect Match: An Adoption Journey with the M Family and All About U Adoptions

Thinking about adoption but feeling overwhelmed? You’re not alone. This heartwarming story follows the M Family adoption experience with All About U Adoptions, offering valuable insights and advice for anyone considering this path to parenthood.

In this interview, they’ll share how they found All About U Adoptions, what made them stand out from other agencies, and the key resources that helped them navigate the adoption process. They’ll also discuss the challenges they faced, the emotional rollercoaster of waiting, and the beautiful baby adoption ultimately brought to their lives.

How did you find All About U Adoptions and what made you choose them?

We chose AAU because our previous adoption agency closed suddenly and we were given the name of a few agencies that they suggested we contact. We met with Karen from All About U Adoptions and felt an immediate connection that we had found the right agency to work with. AAU was also the most flexible when it came to working with our previous agency to transfer our home study over without completely starting over.

What advice would you give to other families considering adoption?

Adoption is a beautiful gift! We have found that there are so many misunderstandings of adoption in general, that if someone is considering it, we strongly suggest asking your questions to a couple who have been on the journey and if you don’t know of anyone, reach out to an agency to ask the questions, the answers may surprise you. We allowed misconceptions and the fear of the answers to slow us down when we were first considering adoption years ago and wish we had asked someone for answers earlier.

What services and resources did you find most beneficial working with AAU?

We greatly appreciated, and still do, the relationships we built with some of the staff of AAU. Additionally, we are so grateful for the ability to send a text with questions and the support we received through words of encouragement when the waiting felt long. We also attended a few of the gatherings offered, including the trainings with Show Hope and the Beyond Gotcha Day. These workshops and community gatherings gave us an opportunity to learn more about our children and gave us the sense of community and hope for the future.

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced during the adoption process, and how did you overcome them?

The biggest challenges we faced during the adoption process were the wait time and the expenses. We did end up waiting 3 years before being matched with our daughter; one year with our previous agency and two with All About U Adoptions. However, we overcame the financial burden by applying for grants and received one from Show Hope. We also reached out to our family and church communities and received overwhelming support, both spiritually and financially.  

What type of adoption openness do you share with the birth parents?

We have a semi-open adoption with our son’s birth parents, but a closed adoption with our daughter. There are pros and cons to either situation. 

Looking back, would you have done anything differently in your adoption journey?

There were challenging parts and doubts we had about decisions we made along the way, but we wouldn’t change anything as this journey with AAU did lead us to our daughter. 

Are there any lessons you’ve learned that you would like to share with other adoptive families?

We learned that with each profile we were presented with, we needed to remind each other that it was okay to say “no” but that we should also not be afraid to say “yes.” We prayerfully considered each case and had to be real with what we could or could not handle as a family. This was not easy as we saw the potential in each situation, the baby that could be ours, but we also trusted that God was going to answer our prayers for the right child at the right time.

What advice would you give to families who are just beginning their adoption journey, particularly in terms of staying patient and hopeful throughout the process?

Adoption can be a long process, with what feels like many hoops to jump through to obtain the one thing that is desired: a child to be part of the family. Although the journey may seem long, it is so worth it in the end! Open and honest communication is so important for the couple. We talked through our good days but we especially talked through the days when we were feeling down about how long the wait was taking. Also,we prayed a lot in the waiting time. We also did our best not to allow the wait for the child to take over every aspect of our daily lives. It’s easy to say “don’t think about it,” but harder to do. We made sure to continue doing things as a family and not allow ourselves to sit and wallow in the wait. 

Whether you’re just beginning your adoption journey or facing specific hurdles, this family’s story offers a beacon of encouragement. With open hearts, clear communication, and a supportive agency like All About U Adoptions by your side, the dream of adoption can become a beautiful reality.

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