Holiday Season Affect Adoptees

How Does the Holiday Season Affect Adoptees? 

Holiday Season Affect Adoptees

As the holidays approach, all of the festivities and sights can evoke some powerful emotions. The holidays are a time of cheer and joy, but can also be a time of grief and loss. Sometimes, the people who feel it the hardest are adoptees and those who have experienced adoption. 

Among all of the fun celebrations and family gatherings, adoptees may feel like they are navigating a complex system of emotions and feelings. Gratitude for their adoptive parents and families, but also a lingering loss of their identity. Adoptees, overall, have many unique experiences that may stem from all of the seasonal joy.  

The holidays are all about spreading joy and cheer, and while it may seem challenging to do so, we encourage you to participate. Let’s talk about what adoptees might be feeling this holiday season and how we can overcome those hardships. Guiding yourself through these tough times of the year can be very difficult and at All About U Adoptions, we don’t want you to feel alone! 

Balancing the Holidays and Adoption Needs

It can be very hard to express and understand your feelings as an adoptee—especially during the holidays. With so much time spent around family and thinking about family, your own identity might feel lost in the process. Knowing your identity as an adoptee can be a challenge altogether, but gets even harder when surrounded by family memories. 

Some adopted children might wonder what their birth family is up to during the holidays, which can also cause more feelings of stress. Adoptive families might need to prepare for some questions their child might have and realize what is bothering them. With the holidays being so family-centered, it can be hard to remember that people need individual time to themselves. For an adoptee, this can be a struggle because so much about their identity, heritage, and birth family remains shrouded in mystery.

Getting through this time can seem endless, but the best way to heal is with open communication. Not all wounds heal right away, and the adoption journey takes a long time to recover from. Talking to your family and friends can go a long way in helping you find comfort and support during your journey of healing. 

Where to Find Adoptee Support 

Many adoption agencies promote support and health during the holidays, as it can be a tough time for everyone. Not only adoptees but adoptive families and birth families might be facing some struggles. Feelings of loss, guilt, and grief often pop up during the holidays—sometimes expected and sometimes unexpected. What matters, however, is how you choose to get through it. 

Most women who have undergone an adoption plan in South Dakota understand how the adoption process works. They also understand that women need help on their journeys. This is why an adoption agency can provide support and care to those who need it. Adoption counseling is a great source for people who just need a bit of extra support. Adoption counseling is also just one way to help you express your feelings, as there are other methods too. Seeking professional help is available, as well as joining a support group, or talking to your family about your concerns. 

Whatever method works best for you, your worries and concerns deserve to be heard during the holidays. This time of year gets complex with so much to worry and stress about, sometimes you need to let someone else help carry that weight. Using these options, you can feel free to express yourself and navigate through your emotions. 

Adoption Support this Season

The holidays can be hard for everyone and it’s okay to recognize that! You can still experience a joyous season while also expressing conflicting emotions. Navigating this season is hard, but can be done with grace and resilience.

If you are struggling with this holiday season or know someone going through an unplanned pregnancy, please reach out to us at All About U Adoptions. We want to help you create the best holiday season you can, going one step at a time. 

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