Social Work Supervisor, LCSW-PIP

After graduating from Washington University with an MSW in 1999, I began working for an adoption agency on the east coast. My job involved conducting home studies for families adopting domestically and internationally, as well as counseling women facing an unplanned pregnancy, providing post adoption support and helping with searches. From there, I moved to California and worked with children in the foster care system placed into therapeutic foster homes.

My sister and her husband adopted a child from Guatemala and their joys and struggles through that process gave me an invaluable personal understanding of adoption (and a pretty amazing nephew!).

I was thrilled to meet Coleen and have the opportunity to work in adoption again after moving to my husband’s hometown in South Dakota. Adoption is a beautiful journey and a powerful experience. I am honored every time I am invited to be a part of an adoptive family’s new beginning and a birth family’s most incredible gift.

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