Lora’s Letter To Her Birth Mom

Where do I begin to the woman who chose life? Thank you just doesn’t seem enough some days.

You chose life for a human being before you knew them, before you met them, and before you knew what would come of your decision.

You chose life for me, for my husband, my entire family, and for my whole community.

Your decision gave me life.

Made me breathe air that I never knew existed.

Made me feel feelings for another person that are so strong, I couldn’t make it up.

You gave me the gift of a person needing me, making me accountable for my actions, and depending on me for daily tasks. I wouldn’t be able to do this without your choice.

I dreamed of being a mom. Dreamed of seeing the doctor bring my baby to me. Dreamed of having people in public “ooh and ah” over my child. Dreamed of rocking this sweet baby after a rough day and seeing them soothe with just my touch. Your choice granted me my wishes and without your choice, I would be empty.

This journey has made me a strong, thick-skinned woman. Some days I feel strong, like no one in the world can take this journey away from me. Some days my sadness for your loss makes my bones ache. I can never repay you for what you have provided me.

I pray that I am good enough through your eyes. A good enough person, mother, and friend to this child. For I know the sleepless nights you had dreaming of the perfect woman for this job.

The fact that you are both growing your own families with beautiful children – birth siblings to my child, makes me feel so indebted to you that you chose me to be the mom to this child.

You hold a very special place in my heart and soul. One I would fight to the ends of the earth for. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this child. What kind of human they will become. What kind of great amazing things they will do. And when they do, I will forever remember who they are. A little of me and a little of you.

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