Mike Chandra L

Meet the L Family

Mike Chandra L

We have been married for 8 years and live on our family farm in rural North Dakota. Mike manages the family farm where we raise corn and soybeans. Chandra is also active on the farm but spends most of the year teaching agriculture classes at a local two-year college. We both enjoy our careers and being involved in agriculture.

We enjoy spending time together outside, whether that’s a summer evening by the fire watching the sun go down, cross country skiing through the fields, relaxing at our parents’ lake cabins, gardening, or exploring a national park.

We absolutely love our life and have a ton of love, energy, and drive to share with a child. We are excited to start the next chapter of our lives through adoption and are committed to providing a child with a life full of adventure, creativity, support, and love. We are also committed to an open adoption and building a strong lasting relationship with the birth family.

Fun Facts

  • We love a good rock concert.
  • Our nearest neighbor is 3⁄4 mile away.
  • We’ve hiked the highest mountain in Colorado.
  • We are the fifth generation to live in our home.
  • We plant about 20 cayenne pepper plants each year to make a massive batch of hot sauce.

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