Michalee, Caseworker at All About U Adoptions in Sioux Falls, SD
Michalee is an adopted person. She has lived open adoption throughout her life.


Casework, A.A.S

How did I end up in the world of social work and becoming a staff member for AAU? Adoption had always been an important part of my life, but I never envisioned it becoming part of my career. Since I was three years old, I wanted to become a veterinarian. Then one day, I went to visit my uncle out on his farm and got to experience calving season. Needless to say, that was the day I decided that working with animals may not be the right path for me. After that, I decided I wanted to help people. I explored my options and began looking into the world of social work and narrowed that down to helping youth in crisis.

As I earned my associates degree in Human Services from Lake Area Technical Institute, I worked with AAU part time and after graduating. My career path became clear. I have been working for AAU for three years now and will forever support this agency. Adoption has always been important in my life, because I myself am adopted. When I was 7, my mom founded AAU and it has been part of my family’s life since.

AAUs tag line: “It’s Not Our Job, It’s Our Life” is what I have lived and witnessed, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The thing I love most about working with AAU is supporting birth mothers and their reasons for choosing adoption.

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Michalee, Caseworker at All About U Adoptions in Sioux Falls, SD