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Types of Adoptions

Types of adoption generally are discussed in terms of Closed, Semi-Open and Open.  We use these three terms but we don’t view it as three distinct options that have hard and fast rules and boundaries.  

Starting at Closed adoption, you’ll see there is no contact and very limited, if any, information exchanged between the birth family and adoptive family.  As you add more and more pieces of exchanged information or contact, you reach a Semi-Open adoption.  From the Semi Open adoption, as more and more contact and info is shared, you get closer to an Open Adoption. Everyone at AAU can discuss the different levels of openess with you to help determine what might be the best fit for you and your family. 

The graphic below shows an example of how information and contact added moves you through the types of adoption.  Keep in mind, you write your own story.  You decide what are your comfortable with.  We will help talk you through each piece to make your adoption plan right for you.