What it Means to Be an Adoptee

What it Means to Be an Adoptee and How You Can Celebrate National Adoption Month

What it Means to Be an Adoptee

Are you an adoptee, birth mother, or someone who is considering or curious about adoption? National Adoption Month is a great time to learn more and celebrate adoption! It’s a time to celebrate family diversity, spread awareness, and for the adoptee to honor their identity. Being an adoptee or adoptive parent is an amazing experience. Whether it’s open, semi-open, or closed adoption, all kinds of adoption stories are special, and every person has unique experiences. Keep reading to learn more about the different adoption options, ways to celebrate, and how you can support adoptive families. 

Open, Semi-Open, and Closed Adoption

There are three different adoption options that birth mothers can choose from based on the level of openness they prefer. It can take some time to figure out your level of comfort with keeping in contact with the adoptive family. 

AAU Adoptions specializes in open adoption. Open adoption means that there is open communication with the adoptive family and birth parents and identifying information can be exchanged. The birth mother is usually a huge part of choosing who the adoptive family is and meets the family prior to birth. Post-placement, this type of adoption can involve visits, exchanging letters and pictures, and calls. The frequency of contact and the activities all depend on what both parties are comfortable with and agree upon. 

The second adoption option is semi-open adoption which is similar to open adoption but with more boundaries established. There may be less frequent calls and visits or simply less communication, but there is still a connection. This option is good if you, as a birth mother, want to maintain a relationship but still want more privacy. These activities may be coordinated more often through the adoption agency. 

The last adoption option is closed adoption, in which there is no communication or contact with the adoptive family. This option would be beneficial for those who wish to keep their personal life more private. 

No matter what level of adoption openness you are exploring, choosing adoption is love! It is a considerate decision and you are keeping your child’s best interest at heart.

Ways to Celebrate National Adoption Month

There are numerous ways to celebrate National Adoption Month! One way is to share your adoption story. Whether you are a birth mother, teenager, adoptee, or even a friend of someone you know in the adoption community, sharing raises awareness. Sharing can also help those who are considering adoption to learn more about what the adoption process is like. One way to do this is through posting on social media. You could share content, write blogs and articles, or share adoption events. Many communities and organizations host events during National Adoption Month. If you are a birth mother and in a support group, your support group may do something as well. Some of these events may include adoption fairs, conferences, and informational sessions. 

Another way that you can celebrate is to engage in outreach to your friends and family members. Share adoption help resources from various adoption agencies, offer support, and provide any guidance. You can also read adoption stories and educate yourself on the adoption process to share with others. If you are an adoptive family or adoptee, you can consider a special family activity! Take the time to express gratitude and thank those who work with adoption, such as social workers and organizations like All About U Adoptions.

Ways to Support Adoptive Families

Many local adoption agencies may need help with different tasks and fundraising. You can donate, or volunteer, or offer any assistance they may need. Additionally, you can also organize a fundraising event to raise money for adoption-related causes. Aside from financial support, adoption agencies may need help with adoption awareness campaigns. 

What Does It Mean To Be An Adoptee?

An adoptee is essentially someone who has been adopted into a family who is not their biological parents. One aspect is having two sets of family ties with the biological family and adoptive family. However, this can vary depending on what type of adoption the birth mother decided on. Additionally, adoptees can explore their cultural, ethnic, and genetic identity. This can make some adoptees want to search for their birth family to learn more about them.

Every adoptee will have a different experience though and not everyone has a strong want to know their biological family. Some adoptees may experience feelings of grief or confusion, but that is not true for every person. Many adoptees are happy to be with their adoptive family if they are loving and supportive. 

Other Adoption Resources and Information

Adoption is a wonderful experience and gift. If you would like to learn more about adoption, feel free to check out our resources at All About U Adoptions and learn more about us. We can help answer any questions related to adoption, such as dealing with unplanned pregnancies, which adoption option to choose, and more. By working with us, we will contact you with an adoption specialist who can guide you through the process. You will receive free counseling and support. We understand that adoption is a big decision and experience, and want to be there for you. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and work with you no matter what stage in the adoption process you’re in.

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