Adoption Process in North Dakota


Hoping to Adopt in North Dakota?​

The adoption process in North Dakota can be broken down into 5 basic steps: 

STEP 1 – Complete the application to get the home study process started.

  • Gather documents
  • Complete an autobiography
  • Request references
  • Complete 30 hours of educational training.
    • This training is provided to you in several interactive formats: books, pamphlets, videos, online articles, assessments, and interviews.
    • It can all be completed at home on your own time and at your own pace.

STEP 2 – The home study visit(s). Your social worker will come to your home to further discuss the materials in your application, your wishes for the type of adoption you are pursuing, considerations, your questions, concerns, and next steps of the process.

You will also begin to create a profile book; this book will be a glimpse into your life. The profile book is what birth families will look at to choose their adoptive family.

STEP 3 – View AAU birth parent summaries. Take a deep breath; this is the step when it all becomes real. You will be called to consider a summary; you will discuss each case with your social worker. Each summary will contain medical/social information about a birth family as well as their wants, wishes, and the level of openness they desire. You will decide if you would like your profile book shown to the birth families you are presented.

STEP 4 – Matching. Congratulations! You are now expecting. You will enter the relationship building part of the adoption process. This can look very different for each adoption; but typically includes match meetings, possibly doctor visits, and getting to know one another.

STEP 5 – Placement. You will most likely bring baby home directly from the hospital. If an open adoption is part of your story, you may be there for the delivery as well. If the baby or child is born/resides in a different state, you will travel to the state and await approval from ICPC before traveling back home with your child.

STEP 6 – Post-Placement. After you arrive home, All About U Adoptions is responsible for conducting post placement supervision visits. The number of visits depend on the laws of the state where you reside.

**Each North Dakota adoption journey timeframe from beginning to end is different. We cannot guarantee when someone will be chosen, but we do believe there is a perfect fit for everyone and do see many placements within a year.**

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Networking​ with AAU

Networking is an option with AAU. Our networking option can offer adoptive placements in additional states that our agency is not licensed in. You will remain a part of the AAU family. If you choose to network, we can still provide home study and post placement services. We can connect you to families that have used this path. We will continue to support you and your networking decision; we will help you walk either path you choose. You may also be able to view AAU summaries while networking with a different agency.

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