Choosing Open Adoption

Choosing Open Adoption with All About U Adoptions

Choosing Open Adoption

Choosing adoption is a significant decision that necessitates careful thought and consideration. It’s a lifelong commitment that extends far beyond the initial process. In particular, open adoption presents a unique dynamic where ongoing contact with your child is maintained, even if you are no longer their legal caretaker. This modern approach to adoption is increasingly preferred by many. Ultimately, the decision rests with you, and we’re here to offer guidance and support every step of the way. We provide comprehensive information on choosing open adoption, its intricacies, and why it might be the right choice for you.

All About U Adoptions is a licensed adoption agency that can help you with this important decision. Our adoption professionals work with you throughout every step so you’re informed and ready for the hard choices. We always advocate for our birth mothers, and we encourage you to do what’s right for yourself.

What are the Advantages of Open Adoption?

Open adoption is when you and the adoptive family will have continued contact throughout your child’s life. You’ll both have to decide on the exact parameters of contact and come to an agreement. It could be letters, video calls, or in-person visits with your child that allow you to form a relationship. How contact works is up to the boundaries you and the adoptive family set. If you choose open adoption during your adoption process, it will be something to discuss with prospective adoptive families.

The primary advantage of open adoption in South Dakota, Nebraska, and North Dakota is your relationship with your child. You’ll still have the opportunity to see them grow while not having the role of raising them. There are plenty of birth mothers who do want to raise their child but can’t because of their circumstances. The guilt that sometimes arises after they place their baby for adoption often stems from feeling they abandoned them. Open adoption may not prevent them from feeling guilty entirely, but they’ll be able to still know their baby. There’s also a comfort in knowing that a family they trust will raise their child.

Open adoption has become more common over the years, and many see it as the best adoption option. However, what may be the best option for one birth mother may not be for another. We don’t want to influence your decision; we only want to provide the necessary information so you can make your own. Open adoption can have potential disadvantages, which we’ll inform you of below.

What are the Disadvantages of Open Adoption?

While many adoption agencies advocate for open adoption, there are potential concerns. What ultimately defines an open adoption is the relationship between you and the adoptive family. When working with an adoption agency such as ours, you create an adoption plan that guides the process. One of the biggest parts is creating a profile of an ideal family to adopt your child. It’s then up to the agency to find potential families that match that profile. However, there may not be a completely perfect match that meets your expectations. Whether it’s the family makeup, their religion, or other values, it’s likely it won’t be a one-to-one match. While we encourage you to keep an open mind, any differences in values can lead to potential disagreements down the line. Having a strained relationship with the adoptive family could potentially affect your access to and relationship with your child.

Maybe as you see them raise your child, there are certain expectations you have that they don’t meet. Or certain boundaries are set up at the beginning that either you or they later disagree with. Even if everything seems perfect, disagreements, either big or small, are likely to happen eventually. It’s an inherent risk within open adoption; if you’re set on choosing it, you’ll have to keep it in mind. As we stated above, while meeting with potential adoptive families, we recommend discussing boundaries before you make a decision. Finding a family to trust with the incredible responsibility of raising your child may be difficult, but it’s essential. Our agency has professionals you can consult during this process because we want you to be confident in your decision.

Keep in mind that an open adoption is a dynamic relationship that can evolve significantly over time. Initially, it may involve regular communication and visits between birth parents, adoptive parents, and the child. As time passes and the child grows, the nature of these interactions may naturally shift. Birth parents and adoptive parents may find that the level of contact that once felt appropriate may need to be adjusted to accommodate the changing needs and preferences of all involved parties. Additionally, as the child matures, they may express their own desires regarding the frequency and nature of contact with their birth family. Open adoption allows for flexibility and ongoing negotiation, offering a sense of understanding, respect, and cooperation among all parties involved.

Should I Choose Open Adoption?

This question isn’t something we can answer. It has to come from you. Some birth mothers choose closed adoption, which severs all contact with their child. For some, it may be unthinkable, but for others, it is the best choice for themselves. The only person who knows what’s best for you is you. If you feel in your heart that you want that connection with your baby, then open adoption might be right. But if you have any doubts, then it’s worth mulling over the decision more. The only correct answer is what you know is best for you.

We want to stress that no matter which decision you make, it doesn’t change your love for your child. Adoption is a choice that is made with love and selflessness above all else. You know that the family you pick will have the resources to properly raise your child. If you know you’d have to raise your child alone, there’s comfort in knowing they’ll have two parents with them. Without the strain of parenting a child you know you’re not ready for yet, you’ll be able to grow. You’ll be able to pursue the goals you have in life, which isn’t a selfish desire to have. Adoption is love for both your baby and yourself. 

Open Adoption With All About U Adoptions

We hope this article gave you valuable information and that you now have a better idea about open adoption. While it has many benefits, it does have potential pitfalls to think of. You can still have a relationship with your child and be able to see them grow and flourish. Have faith in your decisions and what you feel is best. There’s no objectively right answer; it is only what will bring you the most peace in the end. Our agency is ready to help you with these tough decisions because we want what’s best for you and your baby. 

If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy and want to know more about adoption, contact us right away. We’re here to give you information about the process, and we’ll help you decide whether you work with us or not. If you do choose adoption, then we have many resources ready to help with your pregnancy. Trust us to care for you and support your adoption.

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