Adoption Matching Process

The Adoption Matching Process: How Does Matching Work?

Adoption Matching Process

Are you considering adoption but feeling overwhelmed by the matching process? Your feelings are understandable, and we understand how difficult placing your baby for adoption can be. Navigating the world of adoption and unplanned pregnancy can seem like an intimidating task. Understanding the matching process is a crucial step toward providing the perfect family for your child. 

From understanding the types of adoption to the next steps after a match, All About U Adoptions aims to break down the matching process into bite-sized, easy-to-understand pieces, helping you embark on this exciting journey with confidence and clarity. 

What is Adoption Matching?

Adoption matching is the process where a birth mother searches for an adoptive family that best meets her and her baby’s needs. After a birth mother gets connected to an adoption agency, she is provided with profiles of adoptive families to sort through. A match happens when the majority of the needs and wants of her child are aligned with a family. This ensures that the right forever home is chosen for the baby. Families are carefully screened and their information is placed into a profile for easy searching and evaluation. Profiles are also available to view on websites, but be cautious because they may not have the same expectations about adoption as the birth mother who is searching.

You know what’s best for your baby and have complete control over the next steps. Meeting with an adoption professional will allow you to create an adoption plan custom to your expectations. After you create your adoption plan, you will be able to search through awaiting and eager families. If desired, you will have the option to meet them if it aligns with the adoption plan you constructed. Once you discover the perfect family, that will be your match. 

What Adoption Family Should I Choose?

We understand how critical it is to find the perfect family, so it is important to consider what you are looking for. There are a variety of traits and preferences, so knowing what is most important to you will make choosing much easier. Here are a few ideas to help you along the way. 

1. The Level of Openness in Adoption: 

There are several choices you are offered when it comes to how much contact you would like after the adoption takes place. This includes closed, semi-closed, and open adoption. The more openness you choose, the more opportunity you will have to be involved in your child’s life. Your level of openness is the MOST important aspect of choosing a family. 

2. Parenting Styles:

How you desire your baby to be raised is an important factor in choosing an adoptive family. Your chosen family should have a parenting style that is aligned with your wants and goals for your baby. 

3. Lifestyle:

When evaluating a potential family, understanding their lifestyle will enable you to have a vision for what your baby’s life will entail. It is important to find a family that reflects a life that you aspire your baby to be immersed in. 

4. Religion: 

Religion is an important factor in choosing an adoptive family. If you have an opinion on their religious preferences, this information is crucial in picking out a forever home. 

5. Values:

Your baby’s family will be responsible for instilling morals into your baby that they will take into life with them. When searching through families, consider what values are most important to you. Then frame your decision process towards who can teach those values to your baby..

All About U Adoptions provides a diverse set of families with several backgrounds to accommodate your desires for your baby. Knowing what factors are most important to you will enable for a smooth decision that will give you the confidence you deserve. 

How Do I Know if I Chose the Right Adoptive Family?

Choosing the right family can feel like a lot of pressure. Wanting to ensure that you have made the best decision for your baby is normal. It is important that the decision you make feels right to you. It is something you feel peace and security knowing your child is in stable hands. Choosing a family that aligns with your desires and expectations can help you know that you made the correct decision. You have the right to ask as many questions as you need and are encouraged to ask them. Feeling comfortable with the family and establishing a connection are key components to feeling satisfied with your choice. 

How Do I Get Matched with an Adoptive Family? 

Whatever path you select, adoption professionals have continuous support for you. They will walk with you when creating an adoption plan, and will look out for you to ensure the most success for you and your baby. Contacting an adoption agency and getting connected with an adoption professional is the first step towards you finding the perfect home for your baby. You do not have to undergo this process alone, as we have professionals who are waiting to meet with you, wherever you are at. Social workers will meet with you to ensure you and your baby are taken care of and will help advance your adoption plan. 

Contacting All About U Adoptions

The adoption process can feel overwhelming, and All About U Adoptions understands that. We have resources that are tailored toward your needs and goals for adoption. Whether you are in need of an adoption professional or have questions about matching, we are here to help. You do not have to be alone in this process, as we are here to help you succeed and flourish. Contact us today to start your adoption journey. 

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