Common Adoption Fears Birth Parents

8 Common Adoption Fears and How AAU Adoption Agencies Can Help

Common Adoption Fears Birth Parents
By Miriam Fuller

Confronting an unplanned pregnancy on its own can come with a wave of anxiety. However, birth parents who decide to pursue adoption often find their worries continue as they view their adoption options. Experiencing these anxieties along your adoption journey is perfectly natural. Thankfully, many of these concerns can be eased with the help of a caring adoption agency. At All About U Adoptions, we understand the choice of adoption is never easy and can come with a sea of worry. That is why we put the concerns, health, and safety of our birth parents at the forefront of their adoption process so that they can focus on building a bright future for their child. We have compiled 8 common adoption fears and how adoption agencies can help!

4 Common Worries about the Adoption Process

When searching adoption agencies and beginning your adoption journey, it is reasonable to have anxiety about the adoption process. Here are four universal worries birth parents have when pursuing adoption:

1. How will I know what to do when placing my baby for adoption? 

Facing an unplanned pregnancy while also actively trying to pursue an area of life many people are unfamiliar with can make birth parents feel lost and fearful. This feeling is normal. However, there is no need to worry as it is not a birth parent’s job to know how to place baby for adoption. That knowledge is the job of your adoption agency. Finding an adoption agency is the first step to ensuring you have a smooth adoption journey. 

2. How do I find a trustworthy adoption agency?

The fear of not being provided with proper respect and care is justified, as the adoption process comes with many challenges. The two best ways to guarantee you are choosing a trustworthy agency are to ensure:

  • The agency has proper licensing within its state
  • The agency is an established adoption agency of professional adoption specialists

Of course, truly knowing whether an agency is best for you depends on their services. So, when choosing the right agency for you, the best course of action is to read their FAQs, call, or email them so that you can fully understand what they provide.   

3. What if I cannot access essential resources during my pregnancy? 

A normal anxiety many birth parents have often revolves around living expenses or resources. Pregnancy comes with a long list of necessities, and it is not uncommon for birth parents to worry about affording and accessing them. Thankfully, licensed adoption agencies like All About U Adoptions provide eligible birth parents with financial aid plans for a multitude of their necessary living expenses. 

4. How will I know how to navigate the legal side of adoption?

While many people are uninformed about the reality of the adoption process, most people are aware of the legal aspects of adoption. It is this knowledge that commonly brings anxiety to birth parents. The thought of having to navigate legalities alone is incredibly daunting. However, birth parents who work with an adoption agency are never alone in this process. It is an adoption agency’s job to handle the legal elements of adoption so that birth parents can focus on the personal aspects of their adoption journey. 

4 Natural Anxieties about Your Adoption Process

After choosing an adoption agency and beginning the adoption process, many birth parents begin to fear many elements of their journey. Here are four of the most common concerns birth parents have throughout their adoption process: 

1. How will I know my child is going to a good home?

The most significant element of a birth parent’s adoption process is finding a home for their child. This decision can bring an increase in anxiety as it is easy to feel uncertain about the type of family that will adopt your child. Due to this common anxiety, as a part of your adoption plan at All About U Adoptions, you can choose many elements of your adoption process. These elements include meeting prospective adoptive families and picking the best fit for your child. 

2. What if I want time with my baby before their adoption?

In the case of an emergency adoption, many birth parents fear immediately having to place their child with their adoptive family. At All About U Adoptions, we understand the magnitude of spending time with your baby before they are officially adopted. If you would like to hold, name, nurse, or spend time with your baby after giving birth, you can implement this into your adoption plan. 

3. What if I regret my choice to place my baby for adoption?

One of the continual anxieties birth parents have is the potential for regret. The possibility of regret is a natural worry to have, as choosing adoption is a life-changing decision. However, there are ways to help you feel assured in your choice for adoption. The two most significant are:

  • Selecting a level of openness, such as an open adoption
  • Receiving professional counseling throughout your adoption journey 

Eliminating the possibility of regret throughout our lives is, unfortunately, impossible. However, with proper planning and support, birth parents can feel confident in their choice for adoption.  

4. How will I handle the post-adoption process? 

After your baby is born and signing the adoption papers, it can be difficult to process such a significant life change. The post-adoption period can have many birth parents filled with worry. Knowing how to move on and what to do next can be difficult, especially without proper support. That is why at All About U Adoptions, we offer free counseling to birth parents even after their child’s adoption. In addition, we provide birth parents with professional career insight so that they can safely and comfortably get back to feeling like themselves.

You are Never Alone on Your Path to Adoption

Experiencing anxiety and having concerns when embarking on your adoption journey is a natural thing to feel. Questioning the process, your feelings and your choices are all elements of a loving birth parent fighting for the best possible future for their child. Deciding to pursue adoption is never easy, and it can come with many emotional hurdles, but the choice for adoption is always from a place of deep love. Your anxious feelings are valid, and all birth parents must understand they never walk their path of adoption alone. Your adoption agency is here to answer your questions, support your choices, and address your anxieties. Feeling uncertain about the adoption process is something almost every birth parent experiences, which is why All About U Adoptions strives to help them feel secure in their choice. 

If you want to learn more about how All About U Adoptions can help you with your adoption, contact us today. We are happy to be a part of your loving adoption journey!

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