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Finding Our Perfect Match: An Adoption Journey with the P Family and All About U Adoptions

At All About U Adoptions, we believe every family deserves to experience the joy of parenthood. We are honored to walk alongside families like the P Family on their adoption journey, guiding them through the process and helping them find their perfect match.

Whether you’re just beginning your adoption journey or are further along the path, “Finding Your Perfect Match” offers hope, encouragement, and practical advice. Join the P Family and AAU as we explore the transformative power of adoption and the unwavering love that builds a family.

How did you find AAU Adoptions and what made you choose them?

We found out about AAU through my dad who was talking with a family friend whose daughter was growing their family through adoption and working with AAU. He gave my dad AAU’s information and my dad passed it along to us. A few weeks later another family friend gave us a business card for AAU at Church. At that point we felt we were being led to AAU.

What advice would you give to other families considering adoption?

Be patient, the adoption process can be long, and it is emotionally challenging. Find a support system to help you through the journey. This can be friends, family, your church family, other families who have adopted, and the staff at AAU. There are many resources; don’t be afraid to reach out.

What services and resources did you find most beneficial working with AAU?

The staff was very helpful in answering all our questions and making us feel comfortable even in unfamiliar situations. They were always there when we needed them.

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced during the adoption process, and how did you overcome them?

Finances were a challenge, and we were fortunate to have family and friends support us through the process. The staff at AAU also helped by giving us ideas and pointing us to resources that could help us financially. Another challenge was the emotional rollercoaster of the unknown. Again, the staff at AAU was amazing in helping navigate the unknown and even when they could not give us an answer their support was there and for that we are extremely grateful. 

What type of adoption openness do you share with the birth parents?

Being open with our kids and their birth parents has worked well for our family. While it has come with its own set of challenges, we feel an open adoption has been good for our kids to know their story, and it has helped them and us when they have questions.

Looking back, would you have done anything differently in your adoption journey?

No, overall, we feel that, all things considered, our adoption process went fairly smoothly. There were definitely challenges, but with the support of AAU, the challenges did not seem so overwhelming. Everything we went through brought us to our children, and for that, we are forever grateful.

Are there any lessons you’ve learned that you would like to share with other adoptive families?

The journey does not end the day you finalize your adoption. It’s important to stay connected with adoption support systems. There are days when your children will ask you questions you thought you were prepared to answer, and they still catch you off guard. Having a support system for other families who have been through and are going through adoption is so important and key to knowing you’re not alone.

What advice would you give to families who are just beginning their adoption journey, particularly in terms of staying patient and hopeful throughout the process?

Be ready for challenges. The journey of growing your family through adoption will come with many ups and downs. Hold strong to your faith. Remember that everything happens for a reason, and God’s timing is perfect.  

Let AAU Guide Your Adoption Path

The P Family’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of adoption. They faced challenges, celebrated victories, and ultimately built a beautiful family filled with love. Their story serves as a beacon of hope for families considering adoption.

At All About U Adoptions, we are committed to supporting families every step of the way. We believe that with the right guidance and resources, every family can find their perfect match.

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