Support for Birth Mothers in the New Year

Counseling Services and Support for Birth Mothers in the New Year

Support for Birth Mothers in the New Year

During this time, birth parents around the world might be feeling grief and sadness instead of elation and seasonal joy. Placing a child for adoption is a life-changing decision and sometimes brings about lingering feelings. This is why AAU offers Counseling Services and Support for Birth Mothers.

While all of the familial gatherings and festivities might be occurring, it’s important that birth parents take time for themselves. You might not feel like celebrating, and that’s okay. With so much to do during this time, it can be easy to neglect yourself and your own needs. At All About U Adoptions, we want to help you understand how to cope with these emotions. Accepting your emotions and being able to move on are all a part of your adoption plan. It may seem intimidating, but there are ways to enjoy the season, even when facing an unplanned pregnancy

Finding Adoption Support in the New Year

Handling an adoption and a pregnancy all at once is quite a handful. It can be a very challenging time just on a regular basis, but adding on these elements also adds lots of stress on your shoulders. This is why we encourage birth parents, birth mothers, and anyone going through an adoption to reach out for extra support. 

That support might be through an adoption agency, a support group, or with your friends and family. Adoption agencies provide adoption counseling for their birth mothers. With adoption counseling, you can talk to a professional adoption counselor who understands what you must be feeling. Reaching out to a counselor can help you express your emotions and understand where they stem from in the first place. 

With a support group, you can talk to a community of people who have experienced the same thing you have! A support group is a great form of open communication and provides a community of people who can relate to your feelings. Some women and birth parents find this social interaction to be a helpful method of extra support. Just talking to your friends and family can also really help you express your struggles. Sometimes, the people closest to us will have a better understanding of our emotions and can help us form connections. Your family might be able to help you answer some questions or even feel more comfortable.

The best thing to remember is that no matter what you are going through or what you are feeling, you do not have to go through it alone. There are a lot of options out there to reach out for more support and care, and you can pick the options that work best for you. 

Making New Adoption Traditions 

If you are having a hard time it might be time to think about making some new traditions. You might be able to share these new traditions with your child and their adoptive family to create new memories! 

Write an Annual Letter 

You can also write an annual letter that details the important events of your year. This can be a great way to keep in contact with your child and share parts of your life that they might not know about. If you are feeling lost and disconnected, writing a letter can be a great way to help express some feelings.

Make a Personal Gift 

Maybe think about making something personally instead of purchasing it. This can even go for baked goods or homemade hot chocolate! Share your gifts with the adoptive family and your child. Sharing something so personal is a great way to make and develop connections with your child. 

Adoption During the New Year with All About U Adoptions

If you are struggling with adoption this season or know someone facing an unplanned pregnancy, reach out to All About U Adoptions. We can help guide you through this time and give you some options about seeking extra support. 

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