Financial Support and Resources Birth Mothers

All About U Adoptions Adoption Resources for Birth Mothers

Financial Support and Resources Birth Mothers

Are you realizing that at 30 weeks of pregnancy, you are not going to be able to support and care for your baby? Is this an unplanned pregnancy? It happens. And if parenthood feels like a faraway path right now, that’s okay. When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, many birth parents have circumstances that prevent them from parenting their child, and thus, many turn to adoption. Whatever their situation, birth parents who choose adoption do so from a place of love. This is why we have options available: All About U adoption resources for birth mothers!

If you need adoption services in North Dakota, South Dakota, or Nebraska, choosing All About U Adoptions is the way to go. Our adoption agency understands the emotional weight of this decision, the strength it takes to say “yes” to adoption, and the challenges that may arise. We also understand that pregnancy and childbirth are expensive, and not every birth parent can carry the financial load. As such, our adoption agencies will provide resources and services to make the adoption process easier for all eligible birth parents.

Our mission is to empower you to make an informed decision, navigate the adoption journey with confidence, and ultimately create a future filled with love and hope for yourself and your baby.

Reaching Out four Our Adoption Resources

To access our services, you must call or text All About U Adoptions through the number on our website. While adoption is our specialty, our adoption professionals will walk you through all your options regarding your pregnancy. If you still want to choose adoption, you will be connected to one of our adoption specialists. Our adoption specialist will help you form your Nebraska, North Dakota, or South Dakota adoption plan. Your adoption plan is central to determining how the adoption process proceeds. 

As the birth mother, you get to decide what adoption type you want as part of your adoption plan. Your adoption type determines the openness of your adoption. A closed adoption, for example, prevents any contact between you and the adoptive family after placement. An open adoption, on the other hand, allows you to maintain regular contact with the adoptive family. You can even contact or even visit your child should their adoptive parents allow. There are also semi-open adoptions. There would be no contact between you and your child, but you can still receive updates about them. If you choose an open or semi-open adoption, you can even choose which family gets to adopt your baby. 

Your adoption plan also determines what resources and services you get to enjoy. While all our services are always free to birth mothers, certain resources are only available depending on your circumstances. A birth mother being supported by their parents, for example, would likely need less support from our adoption agencies. Regardless of your circumstances, All About U Adoptions is willing to assist any birth mother reaching out to us.

Adoption Resource: Pregnancy Expenses

It is a well-known fact that pregnancy is expensive for birth mothers. We also know that life’s other expenses won’t stop just because you are pregnant. Thankfully, our adoption agency and potential adoptive parents are willing to cover any reasonable living and medical expenses during your pregnancy. If you are eligible, our agency can cover certain everyday expenses, such as food, housing, phone

 and transportation. We can even cover health services, such as prenatal care. Our agency can even cover costs related to your education and legal fees related to your adoption.

Adoption Resources: Housing

All About U Adoptions is aware that not everyone has a stable environment to wait through their pregnancy. Some birth mothers are homeless. Other birth mothers come from abusive environments, or their home is unsuitable for the upcoming season. There are even birth mothers who don’t want their parents, partners, or others to know of their pregnancy. Thus, they need another place to stay. Whatever your circumstances, if you need housing, our agency can provide it. If you are eligible, All About U Adoptions can provide free temporary housing for our birth mothers. We can ensure that your shelter is safe and clean and accounts for important factors, such as insulation during winter.

AAU Adoption Resources: Mental Health Counseling

Unfortunately, money is not the only concern for birth mothers participating in the adoption process. While birth mothers have valid reasons to pursue adoption, feelings such as guilt and regret can persist. In our experience, no amount of rationalization can stop these negative emotions from triggering and potentially causing real trauma. Physical conditions, such as pregnancy hormones and postpartum depression, can even exacerbate these feelings. 

Thankfully, All About U Adoptions adoption resources can offer a variety of mental health services as part of your adoption plan. If you are eligible, you can enjoy free therapy sessions with professional specialists. Your adoption specialist can even recommend other forms of therapy, such as group therapy, to suit your specific needs. We can even connect you to support groups where you can bond with birth mothers going through similar struggles.

Choosing Adoption for Your Child in North Dakota, South Dakota, or Nebraska

Our agency is willing to support you through the adoption process in any way we can. However, it is natural to still wonder if choosing adoption is the right thing to do. For one birth mother, at least, adoption was certainly the right course of action.

Megan was a single mother when she had her next pregnancy. As she was already raising two other children, Megan knew that adoption was her unborn child’s best option. When Megan reached out to our agency, she set three terms. She wanted to give this child their first and middle names. The adoptive parents must be all-in with raising a special needs child, which Megan’s child was likely to be. And most importantly, the adoptive parents must love Megan’s child, special needs or not. Naturally, our agency was willing to help her find the prospective family willing to fulfill all three terms. As part of her adoption plan, Megan had the right to interview these prospective families. She was delighted to find a family who agreed to all three conditions. After giving birth to Theodore, Megan wrote the family a letter after they took him home. Megan wrote, “I carried him; you guys get to parent him, but we all get to love him.”

All About U Adoption Resources

Your adoption journey can take you to many places. Our agency will make sure that yours will lead you to a family that will love your child.

If you need help finding adoption for your child, call All About U Adoptions today.

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