Social Worker, SWA

I graduated from Dakota Wesley University in Mitchell, SD with the degrees in Sports Medicine-Sports Management, Business, and Human Services. I was a personal trainer and aerobics instructor for 7 years before I was introduced to the adoption world. To quote or director, “I did not chose adoption, adoption chose me. After a few years of navigating the infertility route, my husband and I began the adoption route. 

Following many disappointing phone calls and meetings with other agencies/lawyers, we finally found All About U Adoptions. Coleen and her agency were the light we were looking for in our journey. When we began our journey, we were uneducated in what adoption meant and how it worked. The staff of AAU held our hand and guided us through the whole process.

After adopting our first child, I felt a tug on my heart strings. I wanted to help women struggling with an unplanned pregnancy find their options. While working on our second adoption, I shared with Coleen that I would love to be part of her team guiding women and families through the process. Six months after our second child was born, I was employed with All ABout U Adoptions. My first expectant mother was a niece of one of my dear friends. While in my sixth year of working with AAU, our family had the opportunity to adopt our third child, the biological sister to our daughter. We said yes, without any hesitation. Our family is navigating open adoptions/closed adoption and transracial adoption.

As life and parenting have happened, my role with the agency has evolved. Presently, I support adoptive families during their journey. Through everything, the reason I continue to work with AAU is because I believe in their mission!

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