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Finding Our Perfect Match: An Adoption Journey with the T Family and All About U Adoptions

The T Family sat down with us to chat about their adoption story. From finding us on Facebook to working through the adoption process and now sharing an open adoption with their child’s birth mother. Their greatest advice: it will all make sense!

How did you find AAU Adoptions and what made you choose them?

We first heard about AAU from seeing their posts on Facebook. Then we had friends who adopted through them. Then when we decided to start our adoption journey, we chose AAU because of their dedication to expectant moms/birth moms. We wanted to make sure we chose an ethical agency that would do best practices for both birth families and adoptive families.

What advice would you give to other families considering adoption?

Adoption is so complex and there is so much to learn; and even after you receive placement, keep learning. Listen to adoptees and their experiences (so many good accounts on social media to follow – some great podcasts too). Find support from other adoptive families who know what you’re going through.

What services and resources did you find most beneficial working with AAU?

The support we got from the staff at AAU was unmatched (we worked with other adoption professionals as well to gain national reach, and we didn’t receive the same amount of support or the relationships we have had from the staff from AAU).

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced during the adoption process, and how did you overcome them?

Honestly, the whole process is challenging. But we went into the adoption journey with the outlook that we were going to trust God and grow from being challenged. And that’s what we did! The wait to match is challenging, once you’re matched, and waiting for placement, the unknown of the outcome is challenging, even placement and after placement comes with the complex feelings of joy for yourselves, pain for the birth family, and so much love. It’s a lot. We faced two disruptions before bringing home our son which was incredibly difficult, but in the end, it all makes sense. It was all part of the journey to our son. My advice is to keep yourselves busy during the wait, get your hands on as much adoption education and adoptee insight as you can, and seek support from other families who are in or have been through the adoption process. The support is vital.

What type of adoption openness do you share with the birth parents?

We have an open adoption with our son’s birth family. By having a great relationship with them, they feel like extended family now. We text, share photos, have occasional phone calls, and are hoping for visits at some point. We are so grateful for open adoption. It has been very good for all involved, and we know it will be very beneficial for our son as he grows older. My advice for other families considering open adoption is to consider your boundaries ahead of time before you make promises to the expectant mom/birth family. Never over-promise on what you can offer so that you can remain consistent and keep mutual trust between both sides.

Looking back, would you have done anything differently in your adoption journey?

It’s hard to say we would have done anything differently, because ultimately it led us to our son. But if we were going to do it again, I personally would forgo the national adoption consultants, and work with other ethical/reputable agencies like AAU if we wanted to expand our reach.

Are there any lessons you’ve learned that you would like to share with other adoptive families?

The hardest lessons we learned came from our experiences with other adoption professionals. Unfortunately, not all adoption professionals are ethical; some are clearly in it for the money. We chose to work with AAU because you can tell they’re in this for the right reasons. They care about the expectant moms and walk alongside them, counsel them, and help support them every step of the way. And that doesn’t stop at placement, they support and provide counseling even after placement. That was important to us. Not all agencies do that; which was shocking and sad to us. AAU was also a lot more attentive to us than other professionals that we worked to match through.

What advice would you give to families who are just beginning their adoption journey, particularly in terms of staying patient and hopeful throughout the process?

I clearly remember the feeling of “where do we even start” when we made the decision to pursue adoption. There is so much to learn, decisions to make, financial planning… it’s overwhelming. Taking the leap to reach out to AAU was surreal. But after talking with them, it all seemed manageable. The most beneficial thing we did on our journey was finding others who had been on this journey or who were currently walking through it. I know the hardest thing to hear from others during the wait was, “It will all make sense and be worth it in the end”. But it’s so true. Whatever difficult things you encounter during your adoption journey, it will all make sense and be worth it.

Working with the T Family and Their Adoption Story

In closing, the T Family’s adoption journey with AAU Adoptions reflects the intricate tapestry of emotions, challenges, and ultimately, profound joy that accompanies the path to building a family through adoption. Their story encapsulates the essence of perseverance, trust, and the transformative power of open-hearted connection.

From the initial spark of hope ignited by Facebook posts to the invaluable support received from AAU’s dedicated staff, the T Family’s experience underscores the importance of choosing an agency committed to ethical practices and holistic support for both birth and adoptive families. Their advice resonates deeply with the essence of their journey: to stay informed, seek community, and embrace the uncertainties with faith and resilience.

Through setbacks and triumphs alike, the T Family exemplifies the profound truth that every twist and turn in the adoption journey. However challenging, ultimately leads to the cherished fulfillment of welcoming a child into their loving embrace. Their story stands as a beacon of hope for families embarking on their own adoption odyssey. They remind us all that amidst the complexity and uncertainty, the journey to parenthood is illuminated by the unwavering light of love, patience, and unwavering determination.

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