Post-Placement Contact Arrangements

What are Post-Placement Contact Arrangements?

Post-Placement Contact Arrangements

The choice to place a baby for adoption carries a lot of courage and love. However, the decision for adoption is always challenging, and there are a variety of difficult decisions when building an adoption plan. One of these challenging choices is deciding on a post-placement contact agreement for after the baby is born

Many people boil down post-placement contact agreements to choosing a closed, semi-open, or open adoption. However, post-placement contact arrangements are the tools birth and adoptive parents use to tailor their ideal relationship between themselves and the adopted child. Post-placement contact arrangements can vary greatly in content and legal aspects, which is why birth parents should work alongside their adoption agency to build theirs.

All About U Adoptions understands the value of post-placement contact arrangements, ensuring your and your child have a beautiful future. 

All About U Adoptions wants to inform readers that this article is for educational purposes and is not legal advice. We advise you to work with your adoption agency to create your post-placement contact arrangement. 

What Are Post-Placement Contact Arrangements?

Post-placement contact arrangements are one of the last steps in your adoption process. Once you have selected an adoptive family, your adoption agency will help you to build your post-placement contact arrangement. These arrangements detail the types and frequency of communication between the birth parents, the adoptive family, and the child. Post-placement contact arrangements ensure there is a stable communication plan in place after the finalization of an open adoption. This plan or arrangement allows the birth parent to create their ideal relationship between them and their child. Your post-placement contact arrangement should help you feel confident in your choice for adoption and the relationships it will bring. 

The Flexibility of Post-Placement Contact Arrangements 

After the selection of an adoptive family, many adoption agencies will help birth parents create a post-placement contact arrangement. At its core, this arrangement builds a bridge between the birth parents, their child, and the adoptive family. Post-placement contact agreements detail the exact type(s) and frequency of communication birth parents will have with their child and adoptive family after the adoption. The types of contact vary case-by-case but can include:

  • Photos
  • Social media communication
  • Letters 
  • Out-of-home visits 
  • Home visits
  • Phone calls
  • Text messaging

These varieties of communication are beneficial ways for birth parents to maintain a healthy relationship between themselves and their child. 

In addition to determining the type of communication, birth parents can also select the frequency of these communications. Some birth parents choose to receive photos of their child every few months. Other birth parents decide to have yearly out-of-home visits or yearly letters from the adoptive family. The flexibility of post-placement contact arrangements  is an essential benefit for birth parents, allowing them to tailor healthy future relationships. 

Just like your adoption agency, post-placement contact arrangements are here to advocate for you and your future. So, no matter what type or frequency of communication you choose, it is important to create a post-placement contact arrangement that fits your needs.

The Legality of Post-Placement Contact Arrangements 

The term “post-placement contact agreement” sounds legally binding, causing many birth parents to hesitate when creating one. However, post-placement contact agreements rarely contain any significant legal qualities. Only 29 U.S. states have laws making post-placement contact arrangements legally binding. Within those 29 states, many only have select types of adoption that qualify for legally binding contracts. 

It is understandable to feel anxious about potential legal reinforcement. However, you should remember that even with state regulations, post-placement contact arrangements are often flexible and can be re-evaluated. These differing state laws are why it is vital to understand your state’s laws to ensure you create the ideal post-placement contact arrangement for your adoption. 

All About U Adoptions knows that the intricacies of individual state laws can be challenging to make sense of. That is why we strongly advise birth parents to ask their adoption agency for help when building their post-placement contact arrangement. 

Adoption Agencies Within Post-Placement Contact Agreements

Adoption agencies like All About U Adoptions understand that navigating post-placement contact arrangements alone is extremely difficult. That is why All About U Adoptions helps to curate your ideal post-placement contact arrangement and aid in upholding it. 

If you fear communicating with the adoptive family or reevaluating your post-placement contact arrangement, you should not worry. All About U Adoptions is here to help you communicate with the adoptive family and ensure your arrangement remains beneficial. Even in cases where the post-placement contact arrangement is legally binding, adoption agencies will act as a mediator even after the adoption. The role of an adoption agency within post-placement contact arrangements is to ensure your communication needs are met, even after adoption. Your adoption agency is your greatest asset, so do not fear seeking support for your post-placement contact arrangement.

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All About U Adoptions understands the value of a post-placement contact arrangement in building a healthy future post-adoption. We highly value the health and happiness of our birth parents throughout the entire adoption process. We strive to provide unbiased support, essential adoption information, and individualized adoption plans to all birth parents. Contact us today to see how All About U Adoptions can help with your unplanned pregnancy. We are honored to be a part of your beautiful adoption journey!

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