Adoption Stories in South Dakota, North Dakota and Nebraska

Tim and Natalie

Adoption Stories in South Dakota, North Dakota and Nebraska

Making the Decision to Adopt

Before my husband and I met, we were both drawn adoption as a way to create a family.  We were thrilled when we realized the feeling was mutual. We continued to talk and pray about it until we felt sure about this being the right path for us as a family.

We Have a Match

The day we learned our profile had been selected by a birth mom we were so surprised and so thrilled! At the same time, we were also nervous especially because we had recently had a matching fall through (as is normal in the adoption process). We couldn’t wait to meet Savannah’s birth mom and get to know this loving woman.

Birth Day

We were so fortunate that Savannah’s birth mom wanted us at Savannah’s birth. We met Savannah minutes after her birth as she was being cleaned, weighed, etc. We will never forget that moment when we first laid eyes on her! What a blessing! We stayed in South Dakota waiting for paperwork to be processed. As we traveled back home to Virgina, we were so thrilled. We were looking forward to bringing her love and joy to our home, and having her meet all of our extended family and friends. Our family and friends couldn’t have been more excited to finally meet her!

Our Ongoing Relationship

We exchange text messages with Savannah’s birth mom regularly; usually at least once a month. We send her cards and photos every few months. Our plan is to travel to SD to see her once a year. We love staying connected with her and sharing stories about Savannah growing up. It’s a fun feeling to know there is someone else in the world who loves Savannah as whole-heartedly as we do!

A Message to our Birth Mom

We are in awe of Savannah’s birth mom in so many ways. The gift she gave Savannah is a reminder to us, and Savannah, of the deep love and connection she has for her. We know that she feels this way, but having a beautiful physical token of it makes us smile and think of her every day.

Our Experience with All About U

Colleen, Kim, Barbara and the AAU team were very accessible and evoked trust immediately, even though we met them over the phone, since we live in Virginia. They were the perfect mixture of kind, honest, patient and straightforward – at all the right moments. One of the things we valued most in them as adoptive parents is how well they served and took care of birth parents. And on top of all this, they made the complex logistics and details (particularly of inter-state adoption) simple. We are so lucky and so humbled to have Savannah in our lives and will always have a special place in our hearts for AAU.

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