Adoption Stories in South Dakota, North Dakota and Nebraska

Tina and Jaylon

Adoption Stories in South Dakota, North Dakota and Nebraska

Our journey began almost ten years ago when we were told we had a five percent chance of having children even when using invitro. God blessed us with twin boys despite the odds and we were so grateful! As they grew we knew we had more love to share. After two failed invitros we chose adoption to grow our family. Thinking this would be easy and quick we patiently waited to be chosen knowing we would get a call any day. Any day turned into months and eventually turned into almost a year and a half. We learned God’s timing was not our timing but we kept faith that he had a plan for our family. 

My hairdresser said I should look into All About U Adoptions as she had another client that had been matched with the agency. We contacted Barb & Colleen and a month and half later we got THE CALL! It was March 15 at 5 p.m. Jaylon was getting ready to go to a Storm game and I was on my way to a school board meeting until we learned there was a two month old baby girl in Tennessee waiting for us to pick her up. We could hardly believe it! We quickly packed and asked our neighbors to watch the boys until grandparents could come for them. We got in the car three hours after the call and drove all night long to meet our beautiful new daughter! What a drive it was – filled with adrenaline, excitement, wonder and anxiousness! We made a stop at a Missouri Walmart at about 3 a.m. and got some interesting looks as we filled a cart with a car seat, bottles, diapers, and sleepers.

Emery A’Niya Hope is the joy and the light of our lives. Our journey was anything but easy and quick. At times it was an emotional and financial rollercoaster. But God knew exactly what our family needed and led us in the path to find our beautiful daughter. We will forever praise and thank him for the blessings he has given us!

Our family: Tina, Jaylon, Cooper, Sawyer, and Emery

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