Adoption Stories in South Dakota, North Dakota and Nebraska

Tony and Lisa

Adoption Stories in South Dakota, North Dakota and Nebraska

Choosing to Start a Family

My husband, Tony, and I got married in 2001 and knew we wanted to have a family.  For seven years we tried to create a family including minor fertility treatments.  We were given the option to attempt In-Vitro but declined.  We also had a generous offer from a friend to be a surrogate for us; we declined that offer as well.  We felt we were being called to choose adoption.

After making the decision to adopt, we, of course, were nervous and felt like we were walking blind.  With the guidance of the All About U Adoptions team and speaking to others, the process became less scary.

After waiting for two years, we received a call that we had been chosen for our first son.  His story is special and we believe he is a miracle.

Our Little Miracle

When our son’s birth mom became pregnant with our son, she was a single parent with 5 other children in her care.  She was in denial and even contemplated abortion.  During her pregnancy she abused drug and alcohol and suffered a tragic loss of her brother due to a car accident.

When our son’s birth mom was 8 month’s pregnant, she chose to contact All About U Adoptions and made an adoption plan.  Due to my husband’s career as a police officer and my career as a social worker, she felt we were the best family to build a relationship with.

One Baby – Great Love and Respect between Two Moms

Tate, was born a month early and weighing in at 5 pounds 13 ounces.  He is very healthy and stole are hearts.  Tate will be 6 years old soon and we have a wonderful and open adoption with his birth family, often spending time together.

Tate knows he has two women who love him dearly and he calls her Ins, which means “mom” in Lakota. We have a great love and respect for each other.

Growing the Family

As the years went by, we decided to add another little bundle of joy to our family.  We were incredibly blessed to have Jax, who is almost 3 years old. Jax’s birth mom wanted him to have a life outside of the Reservation and felt the importance to “spread her blood” in the world.

We also have a very open adoption with Jax’s birth family.  He also has a biological brother and sister.

We Are Forever Grateful

This has been the best experience of our lives and we are grateful that God had other plans for us. We are also forever grateful to All About U Adoptions, staff and our birth families.

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