Adoption Process AAU Adoptions

Considering Creating an Adoption Plan? What is the Adoption Process with All About U Adoptions?

Adoption Process AAU Adoptions
By Eric Somarriba

Adoption can seem like a daunting process, no matter how much you research or already know about it. As a pregnant woman considering her options, you’ve made a very important choice in choosing adoption. It’s natural to have many questions. While adoption doesn’t come without its challenges, we want to help alleviate some concerns and explain the overall process. We want you to believe in your choice and know that you will be well-supported in your journey. If you are considering creating an adoption plan, join us as we explain what is the adoption process with All About U Adoptions.

All About U Adoptions is a licensed adoption agency that completes adoptions in South Dakota, Nebraska, and North Dakota. Our goal is to use our resources to support birth mothers throughout the entire adoption process. We’ll help you create your adoption plan and be by your side until the finalization of your adoption and beyond. 

What is an Adoption Plan?

When you connect with us and decide to pursue an adoption, the first step is creating your adoption plan. The adoption plan is an outline within the adoption process where you decide on the details of your adoption. You know better than anyone what’s best for you and your child and our job is to fulfill that vision. Here, you decide on aspects such as the type of adoption, your ideal adoptive family, and the resources you need.

In your adoption plan you can also discuss the ideal family to adopt your child. You’ll want to take details like family structure, location, religion, and more into account. No detail is too small, and once you complete your profile it’s up to us to find families that fit. 

Other items included in the plan are the birth plan, post-placement resources, and any specific support you need. We can connect you with community resources for housing, finances, prenatal care, transportation, food security, and more. Your well-being is our priority throughout your pregnancy and after delivery. The adoption plan puts you in control of your adoption journey and outlines for us, the best way to support you.

What is the Adoption Process?

Once you complete your adoption plan, we’ll continue to support you throughout your pregnancy and after your baby is born. Our adoption professionals will work with you through the entire journey while you are connected with us. We not only can help you while creating your adoption plan, but we are a valuable source of information available anytime. Our goal is to advocate for you and ensure your well-being during your pregnancy. 

The next major step is choosing the adoptive family who will adopt your child. We carefully screen every potential family and perform detailed home studies to make sure they can properly raise your baby. You’ll have the option of directly meeting with prospective families in order to get to know them better. We encourage you to ask questions and discuss anything you need to make the best choice.

Finally, when it’s time to give birth, you’ll have a few options. While following your birth plan, you can choose anyone you want to have with you in the hospital. You also have the option to hold your baby and name them as well. We want to stress that the only right answer is what you want, so don’t feel pressured into either direction. Once your baby is born, they’ll go home with the adoptive family if you’ve decided on them before birth.

Will I Still Have Support After Birth?

All About U Adoptions is here for you during and after your pregnancy with counseling available for emotional support. There’s a wide range of emotions you may feel throughout your entire journey. Anything you may feel from relief, excitement, or guilt is perfectly valid. Counseling and group therapy offers a safe space for you to express these feelings where you can begin to find peace and acceptance. 

We can also help in connecting you with support groups, where you can meet with other birth mothers. Everyone has their own unique circumstances and adoption journeys, but you can learn from them and their stories. We want you to continue to feel supported throughout this time. Our job isn’t only ensuring the future of your child, but your future as well. We want to create the foundation of a happy life for every member of the adoption process.

Your Adoption Journey With All About U Adoptions

Adoption isn’t a simple process, but we hope you know that we’ll work hard to make it go smoothly. Our mission is to empower you and your choice and to support you with nothing but compassion and understanding. We know you’ve made a difficult choice and we’re here to create a judgment-free and caring environment. 

You are in control of your adoption plan and we’ll follow it to find the best family for your baby. All the while, you’ll have our resources to support you throughout your adoption journey. It doesn’t end once you place your baby for adoption and we’re here in the aftermath to continue to show our support. If you believe adoption is the best choice for you, we hope you’ll trust us to be there.

If you’re currently facing an unplanned pregnancy, or are looking to adopt, feel free to contact us. Our adoption agency is ready to help no matter the circumstances. We have resources to help you through your pregnancy or training to get you ready to adopt a child. We strive to be an adoption agency you can count on and we will be with you every step of the way.

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